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 Apollo's Program
Apollo Laetoria
 Posted: Dec 22 2014, 04:09 PM
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░ Apollo 'Olly' Laetoria ░

Apollo Helius Laetoria
True Neutral
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Character summery
His full name is Apollo Helius Laetoria, but is known as Olly by those close to him.

He was born in the Tevinter city of Vyrantium.

His family the House of Laetoria are influential within the Imperial Chantry.

The Laetoria assended to the Tevinter nobility when centuries back they betrayed Orlesian Chantry secrets to Tevinter.

As he was born low in dynastic succession, his path was to be the Chantry.

He was ordained as a Brother of the Chantry age 16.

He is gay, and makes little secret of his sexual interests. Despite his position in the Chantry.

While court trysts, and the use of courtesans was tolerated, his committed affair with the heir of a rival family raised objections.

Against his will, he was elevated to the position of Grand Cleric of Vyrantium thanks to the internal machinations of his family.

He left Tevinter shortly after his appointment, supposedly he bolted because of his elevation, in truth he discovered something that compelled him to leave.

He headed for Kirkwall, where it was said the heretic White Chantry was having problem with a mage insurgency.

Some likes

THE CHANTRY. Although not a willing priest, Apollo is a devout Imperial Andrastian and a fervent supporter of the Imperial Chantry.

HIS BROTHER. He is not tremendously close to any member of his family apart from his younger brother, for whom he'd do anything to protect.

ALL THINGS SWEET. He has a very sweet tooth, his favourite is imported chocolate from Orlais. His brother has frequently joked about his weight. Taunting slender Apollo what might be if not for his metabolism.

HIS HAIR. He is very fussy about his hair style, and could easily waist hours grooming it to his liking.

SEX. Despite his quiet introverted exterior, he is incredibly libidinous and enjoys the company of attractive young men. He is charming and attractive himself, and proves to be a proficient flirt.

PHILANTHROPY. He has been brought up to believe that it is the duty of the faithful to help the poor, meek and lowly.

Some hates
ORLAIS. The land of his ancestors, Apollo and much of the House of Laetoria look upon their former countrymen with contempt. An opinion shared in Orleiasn circles, where Laetoria has become something of a byword for traitor.

DISLOYALITY. Something of an irony given his family's history, but Apollo despises disloyalty and anyone who betrays there beliefs for their own advancement.

IDEALISM. He considers it something of a naive concept that invariably creates more problems than it fixes.

CRIMINALS. They defy the law, challenge the powerful and exploit the weak. Put simply they are despicable people, and Apollo loathes them more than most.


PAST. Brief, but committed affair with the heir of a rival house.

 Posted: Jan 2 2015, 05:08 PM
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I haven't got any specific ideas, but it would be totally awesome for one of my chars to meet Apollo:

Atia and Apollo
Atia is very influential in Imperial politics, so I can't think that a family such as Apollo's won't have come across her. Maybe there's scope for a historic thread, or maybe it'd be cool to establish some background connections. Idk. Who are House Laetoria likely to support politically? OH... and did you have someone in mind for the affair he had with an heir of a rival house?

Felix and Apollo
I figure they too must be acquainted. Although unlike Atia, Felix's family is detached from politics, and pretty much viewed as hermits - if wealthy and well born hermits. At the very least, Felix will have heard of Apollo given his unusual political appointment. But yeah, they're both Tevinter, both in Kirkwall and thus should totally meet!

Filipe and Apollo
They seem like they might have a fair few things in common. Filipe is fairly easy to get on with, good humoured, and although not willing, has close links with the Chantry. He also has something of a philanderer-y reputation wink.gif One that's not exactly accurate, or fair, but there none the less xD But yeah, in a bar maybe - the Hanged Man, or somewhere slightly higher class, the two could have a decent chat.
Apollo Laetoria
 Posted: Jan 6 2015, 05:55 PM
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<center>APOLLO AND ATIA</center>

Oh, ho ho! I really love the idea of creating some background/history with these two! Looking at these two political factions I think the Laetoria will likely back the Mercurous publicly but has sympathies with Aries expansion. This being the case the two families do sound like they might be rivals, even more so given Apollo's mother's aptitude for politics. Going further with the affair sounds even fantaster, if that's what you're implying! I didn't have anyone in mind no, it wasn't originally planned to be that major. Just a Romeo and Juliet inspired thought that added dimension.

Does Atia have a son/heir to pair this history with? (really hope i haven't misunderstood you lolz) Would she be bothered by an affair with Apollo?

<center>APOLLO AND FELIX</center>

Ahwwwwww! Read through his profile, Felix sounds sweet. Slightly like Cole. And gay also, (Dorian's influence, right! lol ... kidding :}!) I think Apollo will have heard of Felix, certainly so. Maybe they've met before? His fam sounds like the kind the House of Laetoria would court the attention of. If they have met before, or know of each other, then meeting will be a ton easier. And so totally has to happen. Did you have any ideas how/where?

<center>APOLLO AND FELIPE</center>

Filipe does sound like he's Apollo's kind of guy. Even if there chantry backgrounds are different. I'm totally up for a few drinks at the Hanged Man or where ever else between the two!
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