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❝There has yet to be a thing that I have wanted that gold cannot buy. Drink. Food. New armour. New blades. Boys. Girls. Gold is what makes the world turn, princess, whether you want to admit it or not."
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 Mini Music Meme!
Iska Dihari
 Posted: Aug 12 2014, 04:27 PM
2 posts
The Exile
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Music is and always has been my big time writing muse, and I'm always curious to know what others listen to for inspiration on the lovelies they create. So, music meme: Pretty self-explanatory, but I'll go ahead and use Iska as an example~!

[b]Your Intro Song[/b]:
[b]Your Theme Song[/b]:
[b]Your Happy Song[/b]:
[b]Your UnHappy Song[/b]:
[b]Your Love Song[/b]:
[b]Your Sex Song[/b]:
[b]Your Breakup Song[/b]:
[b]Your Makeup Song[/b]:
[b]Your Hopeful Song[/b]:
[b]Your Regretful Song[/b]:
[b]Your Battle Song[/b]:
[b]Your Flashback Song[/b]:
[b]Your Death Song[/b]:
[b]Your Closing Song[/b]:

You can post the title of the song and the artist, or a link to the song if that is preferable. And feel free to add/detract from the list as you see fit!

Your Intro Song: Coiled - Voxis
Your Theme Song: Iron - Woodkid
Your Happy Song: I Am The Highway - Audioslave
Your UnHappy Song: Save Me - The Luna Sequence
Your Love Song: I'm Not Calling You a Liar - Florence + The Machine
Your Sex Song: Feral Love - Chelsea Wolfe
Your Breakup Song: Louder Than Words - Celldweller
Your Makeup Song: Encoder - Pendulum
Your Hopeful Song: Breathe - Alexi Murdoch
Your Regretful Song: Painlost - Damage Vault
Your Battle Song: Pull Me Under - Dream Theater
Your Flashback Song: Blood on my Name - The Brothers Bright
Your Death Song: Bones of Birds - Soundgarden
Your Closing Song: Hope on Black Wings - The Luna Sequence
Niall ar brenna
 Posted: Aug 12 2014, 09:49 PM
82 posts
Avvar Apostate
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Your Intro Song: To You Kasiunia - Warsaw Village Band
Your Theme Song: How Soon Is Now - The Smiths
Your Happy Song: Age Of Consent - New Order
Your UnHappy Song: Something In The Way - Nirvana
Your Love Song: VCR - The xx
Your Sex Song: Talk Show Host - Radiohead
Your Breakup Song: Jolene - The White Stripes
Your Makeup Song: Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons
Your Hopeful Song: Heroes - David Bowie
Your Regretful Song: Hurt Feelings - Flight Of The Conchords or this, can't decide Alcohol - Gogol Bordello
Your Battle Song: Seer - Witch
Your Flashback Song: What Ever Happened - The Strokes
Your Death Song: Fantasia On A Theme - Thomas Tallis
Your Closing Song: Young Men Dead - The Black Angels

These songs are universal for all my characters and sites, really. Just by listening to them I get these feelings and muses, which gets me writing in the end.

Love Iska's theme, btw, Sylph. Woodkid is pretty sweet.

user posted image
 Posted: Aug 14 2014, 11:09 PM
11 posts
The Troublemaker
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Myla Sterling
 Posted: Aug 15 2014, 02:13 AM
35 posts
Junior Enchanter
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I have a tendency to reuse songs for specific emotions - since sometimes they can resonate multiple feelings to me.

Your Intro Song: Titan Dream - Two Steps From Hell
Your Theme Song: Look Through My Eyes - Phil Collins
Your Happy Song: One of the previous two…
Your UnHappy Song: Oceans - Hillsong United

Your Love Song: Drumming Song - Florence and the Machines or Love Runs Out – One Republic

Your Sex Song: Moondance - Michael Buble
Your Breakup Song: Don’t got one here…
Your Makeup Song: You Can Come Cryin' To Me - Foster and Lloyd
Your Hopeful Song: Transformation - Phil Collins
Your Regretful Song: I’d use Titan Dream or Pieces again
Your Battle Song: Hearts of Courage - Two Steps From Hell
Your Flashback Song: Pieces - Gary Allen
Your Death Song: Breath of Life - Florence and the Machine
Your Closing Song: Oceans - Hillsong United

user posted image
Jessoin Zarander
 Posted: Aug 19 2014, 10:08 PM
16 posts
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Your Intro Song: Unstoppable- E.S. Posthumus
Your Theme Song: Seven Devils- Florence + The Machine ***
Your Happy Song: When You're Evil - Voltaire
Your UnHappy Song: Moving Mountains- Two Steps From Hell
Your Love Song: Broken Heart Collector- Morgan Zarate featuring Stevie Neale
Your Sex Song: See Above ^
Your Breakup Song: No Light, No Light- Florence + The Machine
Your Makeup Song: N/A
Your Hopeful Song: Unstoppable- E.S. Posthumus
Your Regretful Song: See What I've Become- Zack Hemsey ***
Your Battle Song: Gigan- Mochipet ***
Your Flashback Song: See What I've Become- Zack Hemsey ***
Your Death Song: Resign to Surrender- Epica
Your Closing Song: A Demon's Fate- Within Temptation

*** A song that particularly strokes the Jess muses
 Posted: Aug 25 2014, 12:03 PM
28 posts
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I tend to use only a few songs for a character, and often one of those songs serves as a well-rounded blanket to cover the range of emotions and/or situations the character is experiencing. In this case, Hervor's "Intro song" is just that. But if you want to know what her various themes are, you're just going to have to click and find out. wink.gif

Your Intro Song: *clicky*
Your Theme Song: *clicky*
Your Happy Song: *Same as Intro
Your UnHappy Song: *Same as Intro
Your Love Song: *clicky*
Your Sex Song: *clicky*
Your Breakup Song: *Same as Intro
Your Makeup Song: N/A
Your Hopeful Song: *Same as Intro
Your Regretful Song: *Same as Intro
Your Battle Song: *clicky*
Your Flashback Song: *Same as Intro
Your Death Song: *Same as Theme
Your Closing Song: *clicky*

user posted image
 Posted: Aug 28 2014, 10:57 AM
7 posts
White Knight of the Anderfels
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Songs I use for Averia tend to vary (and extend beyond what I have here, but these are the norms), but these are the ones I typically use for any given situation, and because she's essentially a DAA-ified Lightning rip off, naturally I use music/amvs with her. XD

Your Intro Song: *clicky*
Your Theme Song: *clicky*
Your Happy Song: *Same as Intro or Theme
Your UnHappy Song: *clicky*
Your Love Song: *clicky*
Your Sex Song: *Same as Love
Your Breakup Song: *Same as Intro
Your Makeup Song: *Same as Intro
Your Hopeful Song: *Same as Intro
Your Regretful Song: *clicky*
Your Battle Song: *clicky* or *clicky*
Your Flashback Song: *Same as Intro
Your Death Song: *Same as Love
Your Closing Song: *clicky*

user posted image
Rosaire Evard
 Posted: Sep 7 2014, 01:08 AM
8 posts
The Handsome Rose
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Your Intro Song: The Outlander Theme
Your Theme Song: Fix My Eyes - For King and Country
Your Happy Song: For Once In My Life - Michael Buble
Your UnHappy Song: Faithfully - John Berry
Your Love Song: Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman - Bryan Adams
Your Sex Song: Kiss You All Over - Exile
Your Breakup Song: You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine - Michael Buble
Your Makeup Song: Same as Hopeful
Your Hopeful Song: Seeds of Promise - Audiomachine
Your Regretful Song: Same as Flashback
Your Battle Song: Lords of Lankhmar - Audiomachine
Your Flashback Song: Little Wonders - Rob Thomas
Your Death Song: Dark Harbour - Two Steps From Hell
Your Closing Song: Merchant Prince - Two Steps From Hell
Vincello Cervantes
 Posted: Sep 7 2014, 11:32 PM
4 posts
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Fair amount of crossover here, Vin's really got a few songs that encompass a fair few scenarios in my head. Yes, I'm aware there's only like two composers there but what can I say? The muse picks the music, not the other way around tongue.gif

WARNING: Contains feels yo ._.

Your Intro Song: Blackheart- Two Steps from Hell
Your Theme Song: Black Blade- Two Steps from Hell
Your Happy Song: The Seventh Summer- Sirenia
Your UnHappy Song: The Way- Zack Hemsey
Your Love Song: Sun & Moon- Two Steps from Hell
Your Sex Song: ^
Your Breakup Song: The Way- Zack Hemsey
Your Makeup Song: n/a
Your Hopeful Song: Torn- Nathan Lanier
Your Regretful Song: The Way- Zack Hemsey
Your Battle Song: Ironheart- Two Steps from Hell
Your Flashback Song: Blackheart- Two Steps from Hell
Your Death Song: The Calling- Zack Hemsey
Your Closing Song:The Way- Zack Hemsey
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