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 Of Shore and Sirens, Marius, Elly
Cheri Marie
 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 03:25 AM
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The Earth Bender
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The blood was rushing in her ears. Her teeth were sunk into her bottom lip, though her mouth was trying to stretch into a delighted smile. Her toes were curled, lavender hair tousled, and her hand seized a firmer grasp on the rope as the ship dipped beneath her. She was so happy, so positively giddy to reach her destination that she was almost squirming with impatience.

The dock was so close, Cheri was almost tempted to leap to it. Leaning forward, the only thing keeping her from tumbling against the ship’s hull into the ocean was her iron clasp on a taut rope, tied to the ship somewhere. “Uuuuuuuuuuugh, so close!” Cheri groaned. She swept a hand into her grimy, matting hair. She’d had enough of salty ocean mist, salty breezes, salty lips, salty fingers, salty food. Everything on the ship was bathed in salt. Cheri couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a freshwater bath. Probably last port. How long had it been?

However long ago, it always seemed thrice as long to Cheri. The short and limber mage suffered every moment of open sea. The mere sound of the thrashing waves was enough to turn the woman green. The only way she slept at night was snuggled in a hammock, staring at the stars. The swing of her hammock was constant, but she was hoisted above the deck, and so the ground didn’t feel like it was moving. In a hammock, Cheri was still floating on air and the night sky brought her comfort.

“Oh thank the Maker,” she said, loudly and to no one in particular. With a shove, Cheri swung about the mast’s trunk. Landing lightly on her bare feet, Cheri giggled as she clasped Elly’s forearms and skipped around in a circle with the elven woman. “We’re almost to the port~, we’re almost to the port~!” she laughed, her words sing songy.

Still giggling, Cheri spun away with a flighty dance in her step. Clambering over the captain’s cabin, Cheri scooped up her wooden staff and hooded cloak. Bouncing onto the deck, the other ship inhabitants were starting to shout at each other. Then, at last, they started throwing lines ashore to secure the wretched floating bucket to the dock. With small, fun bursts of gravitational magic, Cheri helped ensure the heavy lines flopped upon the docks.

“All I know is I’m goin’ wit’ ya, Elly. I don’ care where yer goin’, what yer doin’, but I need off the ship, El. I need dirt and rocks under my toes agin.”

Ellyisa Khadem
 Posted: Jul 29 2014, 11:00 PM
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The stale air in her room filled the elven woman's lung as she tugged on her clothes, feeling the smooth, silky fabric brush over her arms and drop to the floor after a quick wipe down with a wet towel. A white flowing dress without much form could be easily fixed, not that she wore it often but with this last trip having taken so long, she was almost out of clothes. Still, she could make do. The sleeves were pulled up and tied with a little bit of red ribbon, a belt was added around her waist and she pulled on a light maroon cloak, securing her staff over her shoulder. If she had a mirror in her quarters, she might have even done her hair in something other than a half pony tail, but with the ship coming into dock in Antiva, there wasn't really much more time to worry about her appearance. However, there were very specific people that she wished would take a least a few minutes.

Holding her long hair back as she leaned down, she landed a kiss on Finch's cheek. "I'll be back later," and walked out and to the main level of the ship only to be greeted rather exuberantly by Cheri, their latest member and a smile grew on her lips. "I didn't quite catch that. We're almost... where?" Was teasing the best thing to do to the mage that loved rocks and dirt and had been out on water for the past few weeks? Probably not, but on a ship, there wasn't much room for giving people space. Still, no one could deny that seeing the sight of land was always nice. It was a nice reminder they hadn't lost their course and were lost a sea for an extra week, stretching their water. But honestly, that was only one time!

"Honestly?" she asked perplexed, the woman's eyes widening. Rarely even Azar liked to accompany on her trips in the cities they docked. Then again, it didn't seem like Cheri knew what she was getting into. "I could always have some back up..." Elly wondered aloud. "Sure," she decided, as well as holding back a quip for Cheri to get something on her feet rather than walking around barefoot all the time, everywhere.

Walking across the plank to the dock, Elly looked over her companion. Not really intimidating for what she was doing and a little bit more enthusiastic than she needed. "Okay, but what I'm doing, you need to be a little more... stoic?" the elf offered hopefully. "Just a little less lovey dovey with the ground, Cheri?" She took in a deep breath as her feet touched the stone ground of the docks. "I'm negotiating prices with out... merchandise, and I usually use the fact smugglers have a reputation of being fierce and sometimes a little unsavory. Can you do that?"

Nudging her fellow mage with her elbow, she began to walk on. They didn't do as much trade in Antiva as they usually did with other countries. The Crows would probably have been their best bet for weapons, but the Crows didn't seem to do much with smugglers since being an assassin in this country was something revered and respected. Well, in certain groups, as anything is. Still, there was much trade they could profit on. "That one," she told Cheri, nodding her head towards a small shop. "It's not the place we're selling the stuff to. We're just meeting our middleman there. Ready?" she asked before pushing on into the building.


Odd, but not too unfamiliar. "Carlos?" Elly cautiously called out, careful to keep any anxiety from the situation out of her voice and her hand twitching, ready to reach for her staff.

Marius Domitan
 Posted: Aug 24 2014, 09:36 PM
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Andulaz "Chef"
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Antiva. Wine, women, assassins. What have you. Having recently finished scrubbing the ship's 'kitchen', the slightly grimy elf made his way up to the deck with his mind drifting from daggers, to murders, to a most important subject.

Possibly the most enchanting aspect of the entire country, in Marius' opinion, were the flourishing spice markets that littered the city. He wasn't so sure where to find one in the smaller cities, but they would surely be somewhere. Just as was the wine, the women and the deadly assassins. He only hoped, as the gulls cawed above the mast, that he'd happen upon one. A market, that is. Hopefully assassins, and certainly no women. Wine he could handle. But seasoning was key!

The sea-stricken pantry of jerky and preserves could always using some spicing up. Freshness too, fruits and vegetables that were not covered in salt and brine. Of course, especially regarding the eggs, anything, any kind but blasted pickled eggs. It had been made perfectly clear that if he served those again, certain crew members would force to jump off the crow's nest...

Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the salty aroma of the sea, running a finger through his dirty blonde hair...which had somehow escaped it's confines again, the tie nowhere to be found. Dirty too, a layer of grime on top of the natural dirty blonde colour. All perfectly offset by his darkly coloured tunic and trouser ensemble, the trowsers having originally been dark...the shirt? Not so much. In fact, it may have even been a greenish colour once, and held a pleasant aroma. Before the seeming aeons of seafaring without reprieve, from ascending the rigging to bottling the rum, the shirt had been a new purchase. Or rather, a new 'find' from the bustling scene of a Riviani street fair.

Good times. Cleaner times. Perhaps, he'd bathe in either an actual bath (Maker forbid) or some body of water. Perhaps the ocean that surrounded them? A thought? Anything to improve the hygiene. He was a cook, after all.

Or so he said.

Leaning against a few crates, he removed a spare tie from the hilt of a twin dagger, or one of them. Always prepared. At least three knives and three ties of his person at all times, that was the goal. As he tied it back he near fantasised, admittedly. Not so much about the outcome of the really bad eggs, more about the scent of cumin, the lush red-orange paprika that would coat his fingers if he were lucky enough. Marius had a one track mind in this instance, gazing around casually as the port came into view.

"Merry," one of the crew called, to which he promptly ignored. Knowing exactly what the Riviani had to say. You owe me money... The winning poker face hadn't been so winning the night before.

And if he stopped responding to Merry, perhaps they'd stop calling it out.

Quickly, his footsteps scattered towards the pier and away from the burly sailor, making a note to himself regarding money he'd have to steal. As his feet hit solid land, his pace quickened all the more. Eyes flickering, they settled upon a conversation between two of the ship's mages. Cheri, and of course Ellysia. The disaster of their future prospects played out in his mind. Cheri, their newest companion and Ellysia...intimidating? Aside from when they were throwing rocks and balls of fire?

"I can do stoic," he offered, in his softly spoken way, his face still, all humour aside, as he addressed the two women in front of him. His habit of sneaking up on people getting the better of him. "Fierce too, and unsavoury for that matter." This time, he managed a small smile. "If you're in need of backup, I'm game." It was an attempt, an olive branch as well as the elf making an attempt to be useful. He'd been distrustful towards Ellysia in the past, perhaps this was an attempt to make up for that as well. Slowly, he was working through his distrust of all mages.

Safe to say, his intentions were honourable to a fault. Or, well...it wasn't all about getting away from his gambling losses, maybe a little. So, mostly honourable? Mostly. Yes, mostly would do the trick. After all, even with his elven figure he could be rather intimidating. The strong but silent type...Supposedly.

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