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Oct 25 2014, 04:53 PM
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There was a chilling silence that echoed the grand hall of the Imperial throne room. Nothing about this silence was calming. It was perhaps an appropriate atmosphere for the room that housed the black throne of the Imperial Archon. Lesser men and women would be intimidated, just as they should be. Magisters were to look upon the throne with a distant awe. For Magister Atia it was the spot behind the throne which looked most appealing, not the chair itself.
At the foot of the upper dais, the Red Magister sat serenely looking up at the throne in it's exalted majesty, contemplating events. It was from the ornate chair that she sat as one of the Archon's principle ministers. The constant irritation, the fly in the ointment of the occupants of the other three ministerial chairs. Not forgetting the occupant of the throne itself. The red headed magister, draped in opulent crimson robes, adorned with the finest of jewels was the Minister of War. An appointment that the Archon made reluctantly, and to his instant regret. Simply because he desired the Magisterium to pass a raft of economic measures his own Mercurious intended to scupper. Utter weakness! No, it was beyond weakness, it was an act of sheer lunacy as far as Atia was concerned. It would not have been an appointment she would have made in the Archon's position. Did it not truly show the ineptitude of of the frail old man in the absence of his most dexterous of advisors.
Being able to whisper into the Archon's ear, if only once had been glorious. The only moment that surpassed it was seeing the faces of her fellow Ministers when they found out. It was a reminder of how power those who stand in the shadow of the throne wield... what those who whisper in his ears can accomplish. That wasn't to say the fool of an Archon was a total puppet, if that was the case such mistakes that propelled her to ministerial office would not have happened. Tilting her head from the throne to observe the other three chairs, it was important to consider that the victory had been fairly hollow as far as authority went. As Minister of War, Magister Atia's powers were somewhat limited. Sure, she had signed off a number of crucial assaults requested by the High Legation in Seheron, but this was not anything that her predecessor - the Archon's child of a grandson, if one could believe it - would not have signed off himself. It was a mere formality. Though she had not expected to undertake anything major with this ministerial appointment, indeed she fancied she would not remain in it for long after the news broke regarding victory in Seheron City. She was a reminder to the overmighty and arrogant Mercurious that their grip on power, unbroken for over three centuries, was finally slipping.
Ah Seheron. Did they know, she wondered. There was nothing public, yet. But Magister Atia had it on good authority that the sacking of Seheron had indeed been a success, and resistance now stood at a negligible level. Strangely, despite their fundamental opposition to war, Atia wondered whether the Mercurious would consider prolonging the war indefinitely until they had dealt with the Aresians in the capital. If the higher ups in the Mercurious knew, they were not telling the Archon, not yet at least. Maybe they were protecting Archon from doing something stupid. As yet she was unsure, though the Red Magister was confident that the Archon's sexual appetites in using courtesans in her employe would soon yield results.
There was a sudden cut in the air, almost invisible to the senses. The slither of a serpent. "Magister Livia" Atia cooed without glancing behind to observe whether her suspicions were indeed correct, "it's always a pleasure."
Jul 3 2014, 06:17 PM
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It didn't feel like a victory. The drum of the steel capped boots of the Legionnaires parading along the mall, the wild cheers of glee from the plebeians tossing confetti over the returning heroes, the boom of the fireworks illuminating the evening sky. It sure sounded like a victory.
Atia had never previously experienced ecstasy like this. Tevinter nobles beamed with glee, even the Archon had managed a smile. But these were Mercurious, and this was their Legion. Magister Atia of House Thantos had counseled against bringing the Third home so soon, 'how would the Imperium deal quickly deal with a resurgent threat', she'd asked. 'Nonsense' they had pretty much responded. In truth, it was. Nonsense, she knew it, she couldn't realistically keep them out; and she was fully aware that the Mercurious would use the Third's presence to negate the military superiority the Aresians had thus far had in the capital.
The vista from atop the balconies and walkways of the Servilii's Palladium were impressive, from a vantage many stories high, the grandest and greatest of Tevinter's nobility had gathered to welcome Tevinter's finest home. Even - or perhaps especially - those those the Archon would really rather were not in attendance. There was no love lost between Atia and the man she professed to serve, as a true and obedient servant, was it? She regarded the man as little more than a buffoon. He was a man fool enough to allow himself to be serviced by sex-slaves bred and trained by House Thantos. Did he not know their origin? Clearly he didn't know their agenda.
The Magister tossed her half full wine glass from the the balcony, and turned to her son and daughter. Leant over the edge, smiling and applauding, the two certainly seemed to be enjoying the festivities more than she. Ah, the innocence of youth. "I think it's time we greet our host."
Her issue, slaves and entourage in tow, Atia glided gracefully along the walkway toward the elaborate canopy, that sheltered the throne sat in by the Archon. "Most exalted majesty" she preened, as she slipped gracefully into a polite curtsey before Heserian IV, Archon of the Tevinter Imperium. For now atleast.
"My Lords, My Ladies." she added, with a flick of her auburn hair, Atia turned and addressed the sycophants surrounding him.

Apr 14 2014, 03:48 PM
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<div class="takeit"><div style="width: 240px; margin: 0px 15px 0px 15px;">LADY OF THE NIGHTMARE LANDS</div></div><div style="margin-bottom: 10px;"></div>
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■ Magister Constantine Thantos - Father [deceased]
■ Lady Hadriana Velenia - Mother [deceased]
■ Magister Lucius Cassius Servilii - First husband [deceased]
■ Lord Romios Cethalaunensesia - Second husband [deceased]
■ Lord Antoninus Cato - Third husband age 48
■ Lady Hadriana Thantos - Daughter age 21
■ Magister Florianus Thantos - Son age 19
■ Lord Valentinian Thantos Cethalaunensesia Son age 14
■ Lord Vespasian Servilii - Nephew (and ward) age 9
■ Lord Roma Cato - Stepson age 18
The Lady of the Nightmare Lands. She is Magister Atia of the House Thantos. A powerful mage, a gifted diplomat… and a dreamer, oh so rare among the magi of Thedas, and so common of the magi of the Thantos. Her sobriquet suggests the Lady is the dark force in a man’s nightmare, and aye, maybe she is. The truth is a touch mundane, and perhaps dangerous.
For the Nightmare Lands is the deep forest on the edge of the Silent Planes. The deep forest that consumed my lady’s ancestral home almost two thousand years past. It is the resting place for the Lords, the Ladies of the Thantos. It is a place where the vale is thin, and the dead walk. Or so they say.
My Lady Atia was born in 19:84 Tevinter Era (9:90 Blessed) to Magister Constantine of the House Thantos and Lady Hadriana of the House Velenia. Her blood runs with that of two of the oldest and purest lines – her heart, talents and soul lies but with one. House Thantos.
From a child, Lady Atia was to actively engage in politics. Thus was the Thantos way. While her mothers family sat distant, and aloof, believing themselves above the game. My Lady Atia was tutored in the fine arts of imperial politics, court intrigue and diplomacy. The Thantos don’t believe themselves above the game, they do not believe one can sit above the game.
It was to this end that my Lady was married into House Servilii, marriage to an old House, it mattered little that it was not so pure, it propelled Lady Atia to the forefront of the Archon’s court. Magister Lucius was young, powerful and handsome. Better still, the marriage was matrilineal; he and all issue took my Lady’s name and house, not his.
In 20:04, Lady Atia bore her first babe. A daughter, such a pretty little thing, named for her late grandmother, the Lady Hadriana. My Lady’s dear mother who died not a month before the birth.
It was despite my Lady Atia’s carefully chosen parentage, and despite her adaption as an arcane mage and a dreamer, that she proved to be unable to work blood magic. Not even the simplest spells. An affliction not uncommon among the Thantos, they say, but my Lady has Velenia blood, they are famed prodigies, was this not the purpose of her parents match? It matters not. Lady Atta needs not blood magic; she needs no magic at all, for she has her mind… her words.
Perhaps it was these talents of the tongue that lead our most exalted Archon to appoint Lady Ata as Tevinter Ambassador to Orlais. That ghastly land of barbarian iconoclasts who think that extravagance makes them noble. They are primitive upstarts to be kept in their place. But what does one do with a kingdom of barbarians with armies to match the greatest civilisation that ever was or will be? My Lady Atia believes with diplomacy.
“One must dine with the demon to learn what it wants”
It was 20:05 (9:11 Dragon) when we arrived in Val Royeaux. My Lady was great with child, and confined to the Imperium Embassy. Her lord husband Magister Lucius didn't accompany her, he wasn't there to see her give birth to the son he'd always wanted. The son he'd never see. Lady Atia hid her distress well, behind her wall of icy silence. But the sudden death of Magister Lucius hurt her, in ways I only later discovered. Was it a curse of the dreamers, she'd wondered? The birth of her children that took Lady Atia's beloved from the world.

It is a relief that my Lady is too practical to dwell on such superstitions. Her issue are more beloved than anything to her. Young Hadriana, and the babe Magister Florianus… Magister. That was the deal; Florianus receive his father’s title, Hadriana would, in due time, inherit her mothers, after Lady Atia has herself inherited it, of course.
They were interesting times in Orlais, I must admit. Lady Atia served for almost fifteen years; my Lady would see three Emperors sit on the Orlesian throne. Florianus and Hadriana were carefully educated within the Embassy immersed in Tevinter history, culture and politics, , their magical talents nurtured, away from the corruptive influence of the Orlesian Mage-Haters.
Of often observed that to be Ambassador was a tough job. At courtly events much of the nobility carefully avoided Lady Atia, we Tevine are not liked here. But it never bothered my Lady Atia, her job was to foment the Imperium's position, undermine Orlais, and obtain state secrets. That was the game, and it was a game that Lady Atia excelled at.
The Games of the motherland were never forgotten. In or out of Tevinter pawns were still pawns, and Lady Atia was still a player. Reluctantly she remarried; this time she was not impressed with the match. After a time of consideration, her father settled on House Cethalaunensesia. The House of Coin. Magister Naevius dispatched his grandson, Lord Romios - a handsome boy with white blonde hair... a stubborn petulant child. My Lady was nearing her twenty-sixth nameday, this boy was seventeen. Still, my Lady did her duty and married and consummated. As Lord Romios and was a direct heir, and Lady Atia already had two of her name, this marriage was patrilineal. Any heirs would take his name. They would be Cethalaunensesia not Thantos.
Who would have known it. Lord Romios turned out not
In 20:14, the year the Orlesians call 9:20, a new Empress took the throne of Orlais. Celene I. It was at this time that my Lady's father, Magister Constantine died in the Free Marches. This was the first time in a decade that Atia left Orlais, and the only time she left her children. What she discovered in Kirkwall was fascinating. Her father had only alluded to it in the past, but it was this revelation that fit everything into place. Including Magister Atia's appointment to Orlais. The late Magister Constantine was a founder member of a group called the Underground, a group founded to further the cause of Mages in Templar strongholds south of our Imperium.
As young Hadriana and Florianus entered their teenage years, they were in awed by Orlesian culture. The lavish balls, the exquisite dresses. Blonde Hadriana so beautiful, and auburn Florianus so handsome, and both so like their mother, so charming, they became popular among the nobles in the Orlesian court. But they remained Tevene. Always Tevene.
Things came to a sudden end in 9:27 Dragon.
Orlais’ upstart Empress Celene became embittered toward my Lady. Magister Atia had gently mocked her champion, and in solidarity with her son, refused to genuflect to their heretic white Divine. Celene invited Magister to the Royaux theatre, gave her and her children seats in the royal box. The play, Andraste and her Exalted March. The Empress so clever, so subtle. Magister Atia knew it was meant to warning, to insult. It was in their Grand Game, Celene considered it would make Atia back down, or perhaps provoke rage. Either way the Empress would win, and Magister Atia would be forced to back down. So clever, so devious. But my Lady is clever and devious too, she has played the 'Game' in Tevinter and Orlais for far longer than the Empress. She and her entourage applauded the portrayal of Archon Hasarian when he appeared on stage, it was to the bemusement of the actors and the theatre patrons.
The next move was not so slick. Lady Hadriana had become enamoured with an Orlesian Lording, a son of the Duke de Montfort. Close allies of Celene. The Lording took Lady Hadriana's virginity and then mocked her as ‘cursed-whore’ in earshot of her brother, young Magister Florianus. Satisfaction was demanded... a duel bare fisted. But the Lording suspected that Florianus would cheat, so he cheated first - a concealed blade. The fools forget, magic is always concealed; Florianus knocked him unconscious and then ‘slept’. He walked into the fade, entered the Lording’s subconscious state and sent him all but half mad.
“When you step on the dragon’s tale, don’t be surprised when it breaths fire”
They were the words of Magister Atia to Empress Celene as she and her children were banished from the incensed and half stunned court. With only days, we left dirty Orlais for our glorious capital. We returned to Minrathous.
Mother Caecilia Opellii‎, <br>
Chaplain and chronicler to the Thantos family.


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