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May 29 2014, 11:58 PM
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Large and green trees framed the broken trail the woman walked on. Brown road on the bottom, green trees on the sides, and red sky on the top; it would be an easy thing to remember, to recall such a pretty scenery. With her memory not quite like it used to be, simple things were wonderful for her. A breath of fresh air filled her lungs as she made her slow trek away from Kirkwall. Few sounds actually pierced the silence of the forest ridden trail: some birds making their way back to their nests, a chipmunk or two hopping from branch to branch, a few deer running off together to their group. The quiet, simplistic ways of nature was what made these trips so enjoyable and much more exciting than dealing with customers all day, every day.
Every so often, she did have to deal with people. That was the way it worked, after all. She'd leave to keep up with business connections, often taking a few supplies with her to trade along the way or to help secure new trading partners, so talking to people was unavoidable. Kirkwall, with all it's trade, was an ideal place to make a few connections, even if there were templars everywhere. Not that they were bad, of course! As a non-mage, she had nothing to fear from them, but she used to be a templar. An assumed dead templar, anyhow, saved by mages nonetheless. Every time she spent time around a templar, she had this odd feeling in the pit of her stomach that someone would recognize her and begin to question her why she was no longer a templar, what she was doing back in her family's business rather than helping her brothers and sisters with the mage effort. It hadn't happened yet, and perhaps it never would, but the confrontation scared her more than anything.
She used to have a purpose she believed in, back then. Save the mages from themselves, save the people from the mages. Templars would always be the first and last line of defense for both groups in the reign of terror of magic and the dangers it possessed. She grew up in a pro-Circle family so why wouldn't that be completely normal to her? It wasn't like she thought of them less than people, she simply saw mages as people that needed a higher level of competence and protection. Demons were drawn to them and a weak enough mage wouldn't be able to stop them. The kind of power that could unfold would be catastrophic. In fact, an insane amount of damage happened in the Ferelden Circle very soon after she left. Oddly enough, she felt lucky to have escaped that fate, even if it meant others were dead.
Alis sighed, her thoughts weighing heavily on her. Concentrate on the scenery, she tried to tell herself so she could focus, but as the quiet of the path settled in on her, something seemed different about it than it had been a few moments ago. She didn't hear the little noises in the silence that made it seem peaceful; it seemed more like the calm before the storm. Her muscles tensed and her hands hovered lightly above her blades and grenades. It could just be nothing. It could be absolutely nothing and here she would be, looking a bit stupid waiting for something to attack her when, amazingly enough, she was alone the whole time!
No such luck.
An arrow flew past her, barely missing her curly black hair as it missed her and struck the ground. In one swift motion, Alis grabbed her blades, her head looking side to side as quickly as she could to find the source of the attack. In the trees? On the ground? Not knowing where it came from made it hard to figure out which was to go: to cover or to stay put? With perhaps only a few moments to decide, the ex-templar went for an even safer route: run along the path she was already on. She was no fool. It might be only one or two, or perhaps a whole band of bandits. Or, worse, it could be the Dalish. She heard they were in the area and, golly gee, weren't too fond of humans. Whatever the case was, she knew she couldn't just jump in and hope for the best.
Oh, and shouting never hurt, either.

May 18 2014, 12:02 AM
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The life of Alis Laney started with the meeting of the daughter of a merchant and the son of a long line of templars, who, after their first daughter Alis, they went on to have three more children: Erin, Barry, Isabeau. Most in her dad's family would only have two children, the oldest was to be a templar (as tradition) while the other would go on with their life. As the oldest, she always knew she'd go off, volunteer to be a templar no matter the cost, but until then she lived her childhood as the daughter of merchants. They were mostly based in Denerim, but they had a few decent connections to traders and suppliers. Often, her dad would go on long trips to maintain these connections or barter for new ones, taking Alis with him.
Alis and her dad, knowing she would go off to be a templar, had her trained in the art of fighting. Any weapon, by her teens, she could pick up and use moderately well and it came in handy for the long trips on the road in case of wild animals or bandits, even if her dad barely knew how to handle a bow and arrow. More than a few times, Alis showed her adeptness in fighting on the road. Over time, when people caught wind of which way Alis and her father were going, some people would hop at the chance to tag along with them, offering supplies or coin to have them along. It never was an arrangement that worked against them, so there was never a reason to reject.
As time went on, going on those trips with her dad slowly came to an end. She spent more time in Denerim, working with her mom on finances. They were boring. Erin came along with a deal: work the store front and she'd deal with the numbers. To say the least, Alis jumped at the offer. She dealt with every kind of person that would buy armor and weapons: hagglers, pickpockets, and so on, she quickly learned why her sister would rather deal with the books than the people. But with her reputation with her fighting skills and running after every pickpocket and thief she saw quickly steered away many, except for those who took it as a challenge, risking their necks at their hands for some second rate armor simply for bragging rights. Even that was solved by letting a few less valuable pieces go to the really persistent ones.
Eventually the day came, the one she was pretty much born to go to: she left her family, everything in Denerim to become a templar. She could've ran off, she could've gone off and left everything behind to live her own life with the talents and skills she was born, raised with, and earned over her lifetime. But she didn't. She couldn't. Most importantly, she didn't want to. Born and raised in a line that brought up their firstborns to serve the Chantry as templars, those were the ideals she believed in very deeply. Mages had power demons wanted and needed to be locked up for the public's safety as well as their own. Not only did she go because it was expected of her but she went because she thought she could do something meaningful, something she believed in.
The training was rigorous. With her background in weapons, she had a bit of a head start from the newest recruits, but the actual templar skills, the ones to have the advantage over mages, was the hardest part. Taking in lyrium to power them, however, was even worse. It was hard to get used to it, the boost of power, the aftereffects, but it was all apart of the job and that's all that mattered to her: the ability to keep her and others safe, as well as protecting mages from themselves.
The Blight began a handful of years after she became a full fledged templar in the eyes of the Chantry. On a detail with a few other templars to find and appropriately deal with a small group of maleficarum reported to be hiding out in a farm about an hour east of Lothering. It was supposed to be a simple thing. Get in, deal with the illegal mages, and get back to the Circle. It wasn't her first outing as a templar, but to her surprise, it was her last.
The apostates fought well and hard, but it was almost useless against templars. However, the mages had a good defensive position in the stone farm house, complete with barricades and fire out the windows. It would've been a stalemate for a while, a win for either, if one thing hadn't happened: darkspawn. There were only a few of them, but they had been so concentrated on getting in to the mage infested farm house that they didn't notice until the mages stopped their attacks and the first templar went down courtesy of the darkspawn.
Who was the first one to go down? That was Alis, actually. It knocked her down, pushed her at an angle and she broke her leg, couldn't move. Her only protection for a while was her armor as she screamed for her fellow brothers and sisters in arms to help her. She could feel her armor dent against the creature's blows and it she struggled to crawl away. Everything felt painful to the point that she couldn't pinpoint the pain at all. She could feel another one attacking her, even though she couldn't see it, her helmet blocking her view. That's when she suddenly blacked out.
When she woke up, she couldn't really say. She fell in and out of consciousness more often than she could count and time had a little to no meaning. What she could remember was feeling blissful, being comfortable. Finally, she woke up completely, inside the very stone house she and the other templars were trying to break into. and she was surrounded by maleficarum they were trying to get to. Alis vaulted up in her stop, stopped only by the ropes on her wrists. Staying calm and collected was something unimaginable for her right that second. Here she was, tied up by apostates. What she didn't take into account were the younger ones cowering in the corner from her as she yelled and struggled fiercely.
It was a while before the apostates were able to calm the templar down. Thankfully, between a team of mages to hold the fort down from any darkspawn coming their way, they had time to wait, but that didn't mean they had forever.
When Alis was able to grasp the situation, many things began to dawn at her all at once: her fellow templars abandoned her while the mages they were hunting risked their lives to save her, there were darkspawn attacking and if the mages fell to the darkspawn, it would mean she would as well. While she was no fan of apostates, she had fought along side with a few mages from time to time for various reasons, like taking a healer to a sick noble and being attacked by wolves on the way. However, these were no wolves she would be fighting.
She agreed to help them, though she didn't feel she would be too much help in her condition. Even with their healing, she was still sore and a bit banged up, not even mentioning the state of her armor, bent into shapes that made it impossible to put it on and would do more harm than help in the battlefield. If they were to get out and to safety, preparation had to be key. She was the only close combat fighter among them, and there were four mages skilled enough to fight, the rest either too young or inexperienced to help. Using what was in her pack and what was lying around the farm house, Alis managed to craft a handful of useful grenades. They weren't much, but if they were in a tough situation, they could stun the darkspawn just long enough for them to put some distance between them.
Finally, they made their escape, one of the mages quickly and easily stunning the ones at their door with a quick burst of magic. Alis and the four capable apostates went out the door first, three others carrying the younger ones on their backs sprinting off quickly. Any that came too close, Alis would use the stun grenades. Only by luck was she not forced to fight the things up close, utalizing the mage's magic to the best of her ability. A fire here, a force field there managed to keep them at a fair distance until they found safety in a small village.
It was there, while resting, she actually sat down and talked to the people that saved her life and fought with, no matter how brief. She had assumed that the farmhouse they were staying at had been a refuge or they had imposed themselves on the farming family. It turned out the apostates were actually the farmers. A few in the family weren't mages, but they were all in it together. They stayed as far away from people as possible, limited contact. It was like a self imposed Circle, but they told her at least it was on their terms.
Talking to them like that was odd, comical even. Here she was, a templar, having a polite conversation with a family of apostates. Alis could cuff them if she wanted to, send them off to the Circle where they would be properly guarded and caged, but there was a debt that needed to be paid for saving her life, not even going to mention that she was in no shape to force anyone to do anything. That also left the matter of her fellow templars having left her for dead at the hands of darkspawn. She could follow the logic that even if they went back for her, they didn't have the same means to shelter and heal her like the mages had and if they tried, the might have also been attacked the same way she had. But they had left her. It was almost that simple.
Reluctantly, she gave up being a templar. She knew the consequences, especially that of the withdrawal symptoms of the lyrium she used to take to fuel her powers. However, this could possibly be her only clean escape if she was having doubts. Being assumed as killed in action by darkspawn wasn't something someone would go off and investigate. Surely, she was pro-Circle all her life, but doubts began to grow in her mind. Could she be a good templar if she was already plagued by thoughts of doubt? But an answer didn't come as soon as she had hoped as her supply of lyrium began to dwindle.
While it hadn't been the plan to overstay the village's hospitality, it ended up being a necessity to stay for her sake. After she had exhausted her supply of lyrium, the withdrawal symptoms began to set in. Fevers, cold sweats hurt her physically, but she was just as much of a mental wreck, feeling depressed and her paranoia setting over her. There wasn't much to do there for her, in that village, so taking what little money the family of mages had, the hired a caravan to take her to Denerim to be with her family.
The time that followed in Denerim was something of a blur for Alis. Some of her memories began to leak over to the point she couldn't figure out which one she was currently living in. After an incident when Alis got her hands on a kitchen knife, her paranoia taking over, demanded to know if anyone was secretly a mage, if they were after her. Or, on other days, wondering if they'd give her back up to the templars. While confining her to a room might not have been the most supportive way to help her, it did keep her from hurting others whether she meant it or not.
Once the symptoms died down and she regained control of her mind, she began to adjust to her previous life. Slowly, she went from doing minimal chores to bookkeeping to managing the store front to. Working the front for the store, she could hear rumors and news from afar, but one of the few things that stuck was the news from the Circle, that they were about to use the Right of Annulment, how countless templars and mages died. Her first thought: that could've been her. Her second thought: that could've been the mages that saved her life.
Tales of the Warden were heard far and wide with many retelling by many viewpoints, but all that concerned Alis was the safety of her family - her parents, Isabeau and Barry, since Erin was married and moved to the Free Marches while Alis had been away - from the darkspawn. When the Blight finally arrived in Denerim, she made every effort to keep her family safe until help arrived.
And, honestly, what she could do was very limited, her mom having taken a few bad hits whenever Alis became distracted, most of her efforts in protecting her siblings. Despite her talents with weapons, a near decade of taking lyrium was too hard on her system. Often in fights, she'd slip between memories, perhaps confusing guarding mages when guarding her family. Only by luck did they make it out in time, finding refuge to be protected by more competent guards. That night would burn into her memory, something she'd never forget, seeing that beam of light brighten the dark sky and watching the darkspawn retreat and the last night her mom lived. Barely an hour after the darkspawn scattered, blood loss and shock had been too much for her mom to take without proper medical attention.
After the Blight passed, Alis went back to helping her family restart their business, most of their merchandise either stolen or broken during the fight. It was quickly realized that keeping her cooped up in a house was not too good for her, they let her return to what she used to do with her dad and began to make trips to their suppliers and buyers.


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