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Sep 4 2014, 03:04 PM
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Though Illia would be the last mage apprentice I undertook, she was not truly my final student. That title would be bestowed on another elf. Iska was unlike any I had mentored before. A perfect contrast to sweet Illia, her fires were as bright as any her sister apprentice could wield. An inner fire that I had hoped to temper. To turn raging wildfire to precise magefire, to calm Dalish fury into a Warden's absolution. Where most of the world would only see a savage heretic. I saw an inspiring battle-maiden. With each other at their side, these two women would lead the next generation of Weisshaupt Wardens. It was my final duty as Warden-Constable of the Anderfels, to turn these two little girls into the future leaders of my Order. Though at this time, neither girl was a true Warden yet. Illia but a recruit, and Iska but a wild eyed stranger...


<p>The frigid winds of the High Reaches whipped over the craggy visage of Vincello. His single eye squinted against the gale, jaw set as the Templar camp below came into site. As him and the other Wardens neared the shore of the Colean Sea, the Constable halted the party. With one foot held high upon a small boulder and the other balanced at its base, a wry smile would touch his lips. Just as his scout had discovered, a darker skinned elf was bound face down in the sand. Vin would turn momentarily to nod at the wiry male elf that had made the discovery.

<p>"Good eye, ma'falon."

<p>He snapped once before pointing at his side, signalling Illia to come stand on the boulder next to him. Once his apprentice had taken her place at his side, Vincello placed a gentle hand on her frail shoulder. The hand, just as scarred as anywhere else on the veteran Warden's body gripped lightly to affirm his words.

<p>"Remember, you no longer answer to Chantry law. Treat them no different than any city guard, but show them no weakness lethallan." The mage started, single eye glinting merrily. "And let me do all the talking."

<p>Vincello's laugh was barely audible as he snapped and motioned for the ranging party to follow him. With fluid grace the man stepped forward off the boulder, landing on his other foot easily as his stride took pace. His steps made not a sound, nor did the wooden sheath of his spellweaver clank with one hand securing the hilt to the scabbard. Swiftly the Constable lead his Wardens through the trees, bursting from the treeline after mere moments much to the Templars' surprise. Shouts of warning were called out, and Vincello motioned for his people to slow their pace. His body held confidently but without threat, the Warden returned with a greeting.

<p>What appeared to be their captain sheathed his blade and began to stride forward, accepting the offered hand from Vincello. Just out of hearing from both parties the two men shared calm pleasantries. After another moment the two men shook again, and began to walk towards both Wardens and Templars.

<p>"Stand down men," The Captain called, gazing warily at Illia. "Let the Warden do his business." The Templars all murmured to themselves, the crisp snap of Vincello's fingers echoing above the din calling for Illia to follow him. With careful steps he moved through the dozen or so armored Templars, the wet sand beneath his feet crunching lightly. Before speaking to the women held prisoner, he knelt down next to the dark elf to turn her onto over back. With a firm hand on her shoulder he eased her into a sitting position, but did not untie her bindings.

<p>"Aneth ara, asha'elvhen. I am Vincello Benedetto Cervantes of the Grey Wardens." He would introduce himself, a hand placed over his heart in the Dalish sign of respect. "It is my understanding that when the Templars attempted to take you into custody, you killed two and maimed seven. They would take you to Tallo to face Chantry justice and beheaded for the killing of Templars." The older man paused to let his words sink in, single eye gleaming defiantly.

<p>"They would see you dead... I would see such impressive skill not be wasted..."

Jun 14 2014, 01:39 PM
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<div style="text-align: right; font-family: times; font-size: 12px; color: #a12a27; font-style: italic; text-transform: lowercase; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 3px; text-shadow: 1px 1px #eee;">▸ history</div><div style="text-align: center; border-top: 1px dotted #778877; margin-bottom: 10px;"></div><div style="padding-right: 10px; padding-left: 10px; width: 280px; height: 300px; text-align: justify; font-family: times; font-size: 12px; overflow: auto;">

<p>Born on a balmy Antivan autumn day, Vincello was the seventh born son to one of Antiva’s many merchant princes who had also been a seventh son. Like his brothers, he was raised on the decadence only an Antivan prince could experience. Excellent schooling by wizened tutors, adorned in the finest of fabrics, and tended to by the kindest of servants. Like his brothers when reaching a proper age, Vincello would begin to learn under an Antivan duelist. The boy lived a happy life, though rarely seeing his father. A merchant prince oft wrapped up in the dealings of trade and politics. His mother he remember fondly, and was very close to his six elder brothers.

<p>At the age of twelve oddities began to happen around the boy. Objects would float in mid-air whenever he was in the room, and animals never seemed to like being near him. It was only when the nightmares begin did the merchant prince and his paramour realized their son was a mage. For weeks his parents debated whether to turn him over to the Chantry or try to hide him. It was his mother’s tears that finally persuaded the prince, choosing to seclude Vincello to their seaside manor and hide him from Thedas. For two years that would seem to work, the merchant prince bribing an apostate to tutor his son. Though even that wouldn’t last, someone giving the tutor even greater coin to rat out his patron. The Templars pulled Vincello from his screaming mother, bringing all the neighbors to witness the scene. </p>

<p>It was chance that a pair of Grey Wardens were been in town, retrieving a most wealthy gift from another merchant prince. Drawn to the noise, they realized what was happening and stepped in. They gave the boy a choice, either go with the Templars to the Circle for life or become a Grey Warden. Having heard of the horrors mages faced in the Circle, he chose the Wardens. His tutor had read him many of the heroic tales of the Grey Wardens, and at the time sounded like a fantastically heroic path to choose. </p>

<p>The entire way to Weisshaupt Vincello daydreamed of riding griffons in to save the day, wearing the iconic gleaming silver armor of the Wardens and turning back the tides of darkness. When he discovered that he was still too young to go through the Joining, and would instead be assigned as a stable boy instead Vincello was less than happy. The only highlight of his early years being the time he spent learning under the few mage Wardens within the fortress, and the master-at-arms for new recruits. He spent as much time with each tutor as was allowed, for any free time would be spent shoveling horse manure. </p>

<p>It wasn’t until his eighteenth nameday that Vincello would be allowed to go through the Joining. Tagging along a small ranging team, the recruits faced darkspawn for the first time. Vincello would never forget the cold, sheer terror of seeing the beasts in person. His combination of magic and swordplay impressed their captain, seeing potential in the lad. After gathering their vials the recruits would return to the fortress, and the scouts would continue deeper into the blighted lands. </p>

<p>Out of the twelve in his group, twelve survived. A rare thing to see in a Joining, many of the more faithful Wardens saw it as a blessing from the Maker himself. Waking up last, Vincello didn’t feel like the Maker had blessed him. The nightmares he experienced from the darkspawn taint was unlike any demonic fueled one. The cot he had been laid out on was completely soaked in his sweat, but was pleased to find a pretty elf holding his hand. Evana.was a mage as well, a spirit healer from the Dalish that had volunteered to become a Warden. </p>

<p>Over the next few years Evana and he would become close. Being young and in love, they took every advantage of being a sterile Grey Warden. While he was apprenticing under a seasoned Warden ranger, Evana stayed back at Weisshaupt to learn the healing arts. The Ranger was a half-elf arcane warrior, Rork of Rivain. Vincello began to learn the secrets of the Dalish arcane warriors, Rork being one of the rangers to have been at his Joining. </p>

<p>As Vincello grew older his Antivan accent faded, but his love for Evana never did. Rork and Vinny's lover both taught him the elvish tongue, which lead to him volunteering as a translator whenever the Dalish were near. Anytime the pair were not on duty, they were together. Whenever he was out on a mission, they would both write to one another. Each time he returned, they would swap journals and read it aloud to one another. They were the apple of their peer’s eyes. He started taking up training recruits in his style of sword play, she would stay near and heal any wounds that occurred from Vinny’s vigorous training. It was an unusual sight to see one without the other within Weisshaupt. </p>

<p>For years life remained the same, there were more than a few close calls during darkspawn attacks. New scars were made, friends were lost and gained, yet Evana and Vincello remained each other’s constants. Neither ever spoke of the one thing all Wardens knew about one another. They were all already dead, it was just a matter of whether it’d be in the next darkspawn skirmish or when they left to face their Calling. </p>

<p>When the worst did happen, and the Wardens had lost sixty brothers and sisters in one savage battle including Evana, Vinny couldn’t process it right away. He knew it was always a constant, their looming deaths. Yet nothing had prepared him for when it actually happened. The man would continuously sit at the rampart of Weisshaupt, staring over the countryside expecting to see Evana and her party return. For an entire year he did this, all of his free time consumed with watching for his elven lass. </p>

<p>It was only through an ass kicking given by his comrade Leonie that Vincello began to return mentally to Thedas. The man threw himself head first into any maneuver against the darkspawn. Reckless and head strong, the Antivan channeled all the emotion from losing Evana into his magic. More stories began to spread across Anderfels about Vincello with his flaming sword. For a time he let his ego be affected by the stories and praise, the only thing finally humbling him being the destruction of a small village from his fires. </p>

<p>Vincello was punished for this, forced to lead what was meant to be a roving party of Wardens to sweep the line where the blighted territory began. The next ten years Vincello would see many horrors, sending missives to report new findings. Ogre’s twice the size of any they’d witnessed before, darkspawn possessing magics so alien he could not even name them. A hauntingly beautiful shriek broodmother, one Vincello did his best to tell himself it wasn’t Evana. Even if she wore the charm he had given her so many years before. It was during this ten year excursion that he would begin his life’s work. Yet to be titled, the Antivan began to write his autobiography. Once it was completed, Vinny entended to send copies all across Thedas to tell of what it really was to be a Grey Warden. Vincello returned to Weisshaupt a different man. </p>

<p>Once shining Grey Warden silverite had been dulled, patched and dented. Yet when closely inspected it would still be cleaned and maintained. His standard issued longsword was replaced with an ancient elven spellweaver blade he had rescued from a darkspawn treasure horde. He now wore an eye patch covering his right eye, though not because it was injured. The corruption had begun for the man, his right eye a mirror of a darkspawn’s. Only new recruits ever ask about the patch, Vincello always responding that being a Grey Warden was dangerous business. </p>
<p>For performing his duty exceptionally, Vincello was promoted to Warden-Constable. With a massive impending darkspawn incursion brewing, the man has been doing his best to whip new recruits into shape. Thus far the best way of vetting them has been taking squads of new recruits to help aid villages that were raided. Yet no matter how many victories come and go, he has seen what horrors await in this next insurrection. Vincello only hopes that the Wardens they have now are enough to stem the tide. </p>


<div style="text-align: center; border-top: 1px dotted #778877; margin-top: 10px;"><div style="text-align: right; font-family: times; font-size: 12px; color: #a12a27; font-style: italic; text-transform: lowercase; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 3px; text-shadow: 1px 1px #eee;">▸ dutch. veryold. gmt-5. </div>


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