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The horizon of the twilight skies of the Anderfels above the province of the castle Burge, one of the great Grey Warden stongholds was turned to an orange-yellow with great stacks of smoke rising to the night skies' reaching up like the arms of the Marker Himself. The entire tainted forest lands were burning under threat of an occupying siege force. An old enemy--an ancient enemy in fact--a quite known one that the Anders and the Grey Wardens have fought since the beginning. The darkspawn.<p>

The Anderfels mired in its political melodrama with a feeble king shrinking back out of his cowardly self-preservation, closing off the protective walls to the peasantry residing outside of them, leaving them to the non-existent mercy of the darkspawn. Thus placing the Grey Wardens the unenviable task of being the sole protectors of the Anderfel people residing within the nation's lands. Yet--what the wardens themselves are becoming increasingly aware of is... they do not have the manpower to stave off this new darkspawn threat, even with their thousand strong number at Weisshaupt. This new threat has been organizing them into a formidable army, blitzing outposts and villages. The conclusion being... the darkspawn are eroding the strength of the Grey Wardens to hold and protect lands and provinces of the Anderfels, for they are it aside from smatterings of Anderfel soldiery stationed at a few locales across the nation, the rest are all behind the walls of the capital with the Anderfel knights tasked with protecting the city and its king alone.<p>

The nobility in disarray in spite of most being protected within the capital walls as well, they see their wealth and influence within the lands burning away as the darkspawn ravage their lands, slaughtering the peasantry who are the key to their amassed income. The capital itself in spite of being the most protected city within the Anderfels because of the king's craven actions, it too is beginning to suffer the consequences of the king's overwhelming fear of the darkspawn incursion, for with the nobility losing more and more wealth from their lands and peasantry who tend to their lands being destroyed, the less they have to keep the Anderfel economy running, and if the economy weakens--so too its ability to fund the grand city.<p>

Stirrings within among the nobility have thus arisen... rebellion.<p>

Yet within the Anderfels one faction as powerful and influential as some of the most prominent nobles exists, which is the Grey Wardens themselves, of course. An ally many nobles outright court to attempt to curry their favor to support their house's ascension to royalty displacing the current king and his house. However, rumor goes--one of the advisers to the king and recently said to be speaking out against him--the First Warden--leader of all the Grey Wardens in every nation across Thedas, it is said that they may make their own bid for the Anderfel throne...<p>

And while Burge Castle this night burns, the nobility is left to their continuous machinations against one another to position themselves better to make a bid to rule the Anderfels. As time passed, the darkspawn raids only grew in their strength and violence, and now they seem to have reached their greatest point. While the wardens' concern only grew, they never believed the darkspawn would be able to sack one of their most solidified strongholds, the grand castle, Burge. Yet this night it and its entire province has been put to the torch as the darkspawn march upon it. It was no ordinary darkspawn contingent of great numbers... this was an occupying force.<p>

It has been a concern that this is the dawning of yet another Blight, so close on the heels of the last one. But the older wardens are certain this is not a Blight, for the whispers of an Archdemon are absent. Albeit... what they do hear is the whispers of something else... perhaps something almost as dangerous as an archdemon, for whatever it is--its will is dark and immense. And from this unknown presence through the darkspawn they hear only a single word through the darkspawn... Tempore... What it can possibly mean, no one yet knows.<p>

But for those wardens within Burge's walls, all of that means nothing. The fate of the castle as it burns is sealed, there is only one thing to do. Escape. For they know all too well the fate of those who remain if unfortunate enough not to be killed, but instead... captured. There are fates in the world much worse than death, and the wardens possess the misfortune of knowing what a few of those fates are.<p>


One of the younger wardens--a veteran of only a couple years within their ranks, once a soldier--even a knight of the Anderfels, Averia, fought for her life in the blazing fires that engulfed not just Burge but much of the province it resided within itself. She had heard tale of her ancient ancestors in the Anderfels, human and elven ancestry both having fought along side the wardens in the First Blight. Whether it were true or just her father telling tall-tales to his daughter, she never knew. She never had any idea what that may have been like--to fight in a Blight, and the last happened several nations away. But the threat of darkspawn was something she had grown up with since infancy as many of the Anderfels had for centuries now.<p>

However, this night she now felt she had an idea of what fighting during the Blights may have been like in those ancient times.<p>

There were just so many darkspawn, it felt as though for each she had cut down--three took its place. The attack was with such power and veracity it shattered the wardens' ranks within the castle leaving them in disarray. With the castle being utterly razed right down to its foundations it was clear the only course of action was to retreat. Averia called out repeatedly her comrades names. Her voice was shakey and ragged, exhausted from the constant battles amidst the fire and thick black smoke, but her desperation was clear in her voice hoping to find anyone of her allies.<p>

Even for a hardened warrior of the Anderfels, even one that was a warden--it was a nightmare. The brutality and numbers the darkspawn had brought with them for this siege... who would have ever thought they could possibly sack a warden stronghold, especially one of their strongest? It was all the more clear there was more to this assault than the darkspawn seeking to occupy the province and its castle Burge, it was a symbolic attack--a showing of the might they possessed. For if they had the resources to risk sacking one of the wardens' greatest strongholds in the Anderfels of all place--where the wardens' presence is largest, just how far did the darkspawns' might truly extend?<p>

While it was the older wardens who could typically only hear it, but in the burning castle of Burge, every warden still alive could hear the whisper this time continuously within their minds with great pauses between each utterance, "Tempore... Tempore... Tempore...", and with each whisper the darkspawn seemed to frenzy striking in a greater more ferocious rage than the last...

Jun 16 2014, 12:33 AM
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<div style="width: 300px; text-align: center; font-family: times; font-size: 16px; text-transform: lowercase; font-style: italic; color: #a12a27; letter-spacing: 3px; text-shadow: 1px 1px #eee; margin-bottom: 10px;">Averia</div>

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<div class="takeit"><div style="width: 240px; margin: 0px 15px 0px 15px;">Eclair / Valdis</div></div><div style="margin-bottom: 10px;"></div>
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<div class="takeit"><div style="width: 240px; margin: 0px 15px 0px 15px;">Mage</div></div><div style="margin-bottom: 10px;"></div>
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<div class="takeit"><div style="width: 240px; margin: 0px 15px 0px 15px;">Arcane Warrior</div></div><div style="margin-bottom: 10px;"></div>
<div class="takeit"><div style="width: 240px; margin: 0px 15px 0px 15px;">Sword and Weapon / Two-handed Weapon</div></div><div style="margin-bottom: 10px;"></div>
<div class="takeit"><div style="width: 240px; margin: 0px 15px 0px 15px;">Neutral Good</div></div><div style="margin-bottom: 10px;"></div>

<div style="height: 20px;"></div>

<div style="text-align: right; font-family: times; font-size: 12px; color: #a12a27; font-style: italic; text-transform: lowercase; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 3px; text-shadow: 1px 1px #eee;">▸ history</div><div style="text-align: center; border-top: 1px dotted #778877; margin-bottom: 10px;"></div><div style="padding-right: 10px; padding-left: 10px; width: 280px; height: 300px; text-align: justify; font-family: times; font-size: 12px; overflow: auto;">

Averia, once Averia Leiptr of House Leiptr, a minor noble house until it became a blacklisted name within the Anderfels. Somewhat ironic considering it was her ascendance via being knighted that lead the Leiptr family to become nobility, it was also Averia whose actions largely led it to being a blacklisted name. Though, since becoming a Grey Warden, like many of the ancient order, she no longer uses her family name.<p>

Her lineage is unique in that it was not purely human. The Leiptr many centuries ago used to indulge the taboo of "mix breeding" with elves, in fact, while the Leiptr is an old Anderfel name, it is a translation of an even older elvish bloodline that has largely been lost in time like so much elvish lore and history. Magical talent had largely been quite potent within the Leiptr line, most within the family and those outside of it aware of its history believe it is because of their commingling with elves many of the family were "cursed" with magic as a result. There have been several Leiptr who have been sent off to the Circle of Magi. Within such an extremely religious nation such as the Anderfels with its fanatical loyalty to the Chantry, being born of mage blood is a dangerous thing.<p>

The Leiptr had one trick up their sleeves, primarily thanks to their ancient elven lineage, in spite of their elven blood being so diluted the Leiptr have been entirely human for a few centuries. That trick though was the ancient elven techniques of the Arcane Warriors, mages who wore armor and wielded conventional weapons of war, utilizing their magical power to bolster their physical strength and aptitude. It had become a tradition in the Leiptr line, so they could both conceal their magical powers, while also serve their nation fighting like the hardened and greatly feared warriors the Anderfels are known to possess.<p>

Throughout the Leiptr's history they have been prevented from ascension into the noble ranks via knighthood in ages past was their commingling with elves and the strong prevalence of magic in their line. Though in the last few centuries it has largely been the magical factor alone. Thus, it left them to either become apostates living in exile in the treacherous Blight scarred lands of the Anderfels, or hiding among the Anderfel soldiery as one of the nation's hardened warriors.<p>

The first after centuries to finally break out beyond merely being a line of mages or soldiers was Averia, she had ascended the rank of sergeant within the Anderfel soldiery at the age of twenty. But it was short-lived, for her skill and prowess would soon afterward earn her knighthood, only to lose it all just as fast.<p>

Looking at her past one would think her ascension into nobility would be impossible. Her mother was an apostate, whereas her father who was an Arcane Warrior hiding among the Anderfel soldiery. When she was sixteen, her mother was discovered to be a mage and further tried as suspected maleficarum by the local templars, and executed--her father in a fit of thoughtless rage and desperation attempted to stop the execution which during the fighting he himself revealed himself to be mage with the power he unleashed. In the end defeated by the local templars, Averia's father was killed during his battle with the templars in his attempt to rescue his wife, who in the end was executed regardless of his actions. But it was a memory Averia carried with her every day of her life.<p>

With that event though, one would think it would be impossible for Averia to ascend to nobility within the Anderfels. But it left her with just herself and her little sister to watch over and take care of, who was three years younger than herself. Averia enlisted into the army uncertain what else to do for a stable income what with the skills and powers her father had taught she and her sister. Because of her father she was under immense scrutiny and suspicion. Nevertheless, like her ancestors before her she played it careful and quiet. For years, in secret and in private, she honed her abilities, proving to have a natural aptitude for magic. Her sister, whom she taught their family's are in turn to, oft demonstrated the same.<p>

The grace and swiftness of her sword arm was something to marvel at for more than a few, there was no denying her skill even though it was secretly enhanced through the power of her magics. In spite of her immense ability, she was still holding back much of her power and skill. The power of conjuring elements to unleash their destructive power, the power to heal the wounded, and much more Averia had to hold back--keep concealed from the zealot eyes of her countrymen and women, for they would not understand.<p>

While she was proud of her heritage as a--at the time--devout Andrastian, for the elves were among Andraste's first followers in their insurrection against the ruling Tevinter Imperium. Many of the Leiptr were even imprisoned and taken as slaves when the Anderfels were under Tevinter rule a few centuries ago. Those Leiptr like their elven ancestors were among the slave uprisings when the Anderfels' people fought back driving the Imperium out of their lands. There was a point of pride in it, and something she was quick to point out to those who thought to deride her over her ancient ancestors and lineage.<p>

Albeit, once the topic of magic came up, especially within her own family, it was something she did not approach. The quicker she could get away from the topic or defuse it the better, it was not an issue she wanted to find herself mired in to draw attention onto herself or anymore scrutiny upon herself than she already had. Instead she chose to merely keep her head down, and serve her people as a soldier in silence.<p>

Her little sister on the other hand was more outspoken, though she remained clandestine about it. In the last few years, much turmoil had been escalating between mages and templars, while in current times this is at its highest within Kirkwall, there have always been small pockets of resistance throughout Thedas. Averia's little sister was part of one of these small resistance factions within the Anderfels, whereas Averia was quite adamant with her sister not to get involved and bring more tragedy upon their family. Yet her sister persisted with her cause anyway believing she was making this fight so there would be no other tragedies like they had suffered with their parents. But within such a fanatically Chantry driven nation such as the Anderfels, the gains such little pro-mage organizations could possibly make were minuscule at best outside of an occasional runaway mage from the Circle.<p>

It was a nobleman of the king's court that sponsored Averia's knighthood, which propelled the Leiptr into nobility for a very brief time. Averia was part of a contingent assigned to guard the nobleman as he traveled to his province manage the finances of the taxes collected there with his appointed tax collector. But it was the trip returning to his estate within the capital where they found themselves ambushed by a darkspawn raiding party. Among the darkspawn was an ogre, the vast majority of the contingent was killed in the fighting, Averia through a hard fought battle via her guile, speed, and skill managed to slay the ogre on the her own, and then aid the survivors of the contingent to finish off the rest of the raiding party, thereby securing the nobleman's safety as they continued on their journey back to the capital.<p>

So impressed with her talent and skill, the nobleman sponsored her knighthood to the king, of which he agreed. It was actually no grand ceremonious affair, but rather one of many delegated off-handed bureaucratic sign offs to move on to more pressing issues in the king's court. But it was henceforth the Leiptr family were nobility with Averia having ascended to knighthood, and with that a new (though humble when compared to those of higher echelons) estate, and more gold via the tax payers' gold given to the nobles who in turn give healthy wages to their knights.<p>

Averia was officiated as the 'white knight' under the noble of whose life she saved. For a year in fact, the House Leiptr enjoyed all the splendor that came with being a noble line, even if they were only a minor noble house. But it all came crashing down when her sister and several of her sister's friends and allies who were also apart of the the Anderfel insurrectionist Mage organization against the Chantry, were arrested for helping mages turn apostate via aiding their escaping the Circle. The were captured and set to be executed. In a way it was a past being revisited for Averia, only this time it was herself rather than her father attempting a rescue, and it was her sister rather than her mother about to be executed. Her sister's lover and his own friends from the same organization sought to stop it as well. Though, Averia never got along with him--in fact, she hated him, and thus attempted her own rescue operation.<p>

Not that any of it in the end mattered, for they all wound up being captured and imprisoned and set to be executed as well. Just when the executions were set to take place, it was then the Warden-Commander of the Anderfels who stepped in with the Rite of Conscription preventing Averia's execution. Shocked and confused, she also begged and pleaded for them to extend the same to her sister or instead choose her sister over herself, but the Wardens did not want to push things, and her sister was unproven to them as a capable mage or warrior, thus they remained resolute in their choice. Averia had to be dragged away by force as she continuously begged for her little sister's life to be spared. But it was all for naught.<p>

The Leiptr name was blacklisted from nobility, the family lost everything as it was tossed back out among the peasantry, and Averia was the only one left alive of her father's line within the Leiptr, and with her it will die. Among the Wardens however she no longer had to hide her reality, that she was a mage, and one of considerable talent and power in spite of her youth. However, how she often conducts herself in her taciturn, standoffish manner oft she still tends to carry herself in a knightly way, like that of a knight errant, following her own chivalrous code of conduct and sense of honor. In recent days, newer recruits at times differ to her, and in a couple cases--a couple of the veterans as well. In spite of her being a bit aloof at times, she--a bit contradictorily will engage others--often her sense of altruism will eclipse whatever anti-social behavior she uses as a means to prevent people getting too close to her.<p>

Even when Averia was a young girl growing up with her sister, she seldom did smile, and those who have gotten to know her in the last couple years since her Joining and becoming a Warden, or even those who knew her since childhood would attest to the fact they could count on one hand the amount of times they have seen her smile. Though since becoming a Warden she has had a lot less reason to than she ever had in the past.<p>

Since her sister's death she had long since lost her faith in the Maker and no longer could be considered an Andrastian. A few among the Wardens who have gotten to know her have heard her remark that if this world is what the Maker intended for mankind, then would not his complicity and even outright execution of those who were innocent having had died as collateral damage from his unfocused wrath and punishment, earn him an execution of His own? Her outrage was different from most Mages it seemed, she did not turn it toward the Chantry, instead she merely saw them pityingly--like lost, misguided children doing whatever their sociopathic parental figures told them to believe through the belief structure of a psychopathic deity. Her hate thus instead became focused upon the Maker Himself, she loathed him, and if there were any way possible--she would seek to slay Him. <p>

Though, such views she largely kept to herself outside of the few that have gotten to know her. Something of a walking mass of complexes though as she is reserved and aloof one moment, yet her seemingly instinctual altruistic nature oft compels her to help others, and within the Anderfels none need more help than the peasantry who suffer continuously because of the king's cowardice and weakness. Some of those she had aided have even gone as far as dubbing her as a 'white knight of the Anderfels' as she had been briefly, which she finds a bit embarrassing when referred to as such, but outwardly she merely scoffs at it when the topic is brought up trying to maintain her severe exterior. Though, her Anderfel peers within the Wardens on the other hand because of the seemingly angelic manner in which she fights teasingly call her Valdis, while a few of those from Orlais stationed in Weisshaupt teasingly call her 'Eclair' because of use of various lightning spells combined with her own swiftness and adroit swordplay.<p>

It has been observed she does have a hot-blooded streak in her as when she feels greatly offended, or a sensitive topic is touched upon in a way that is an affront to her, especially in regards to her late sister, she does not hesitate to lash out with physical violence. She runs on a short-fuse, and that is perhaps yet another reason why she has a tendency to be aloof keeping people at arms length outside of the trauma of the death of her parents and sister, fearing the pain of losing yet another that she loves or cares for. A not unheard of disposition among those who have lost so much.<p>

While she is definitely human, because of her family's history of commingling with elves in ancient days in spite of the taboo nature behind it in both human and elven cultures, nevertheless those of the Leiptr do at times hold some slight 'elvish' qualities. Similar to elves they often tend to be lithe and a bit lanky, slim in their human physique, and Averia is no different in this regard. From time to time, every now and then a generation of the Leiptr will give birth to one or two with the platinum white hair seen among elves, Averia is one such case, though she often seems to like to dye it a rose hue at times even being or more of a faint salmon color. It seems to be her own way of expressing her individuality.<p>

All in all, a sorrowful figure, her time since as a Warden has been one traveling the Anderfels aiding the peasantry as much as her power and ability will allow.


<div style="text-align: center; border-top: 1px dotted #778877; margin-top: 10px;"><div style="text-align: right; font-family: times; font-size: 12px; color: #a12a27; font-style: italic; text-transform: lowercase; line-height: 30px; letter-spacing: 3px; text-shadow: 1px 1px #eee;">▸ Apillis. demi-goddess. US central -6</div>


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