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❝There has yet to be a thing that I have wanted that gold cannot buy. Drink. Food. New armour. New blades. Boys. Girls. Gold is what makes the world turn, princess, whether you want to admit it or not."
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<p> Casilda grew up in a small town, a compact area with a local market area, stable, blacksmith, and healer's clinic. Chantry meetings took place in the market square. The town was situated along a trade route, and was highly trafficked by Grey Wardens and their recruits as they marched to and from Weisshaupt. The first of what would eventually be five children, Casilda grew used to life around people who knew her face and name.

<p> Her mother, Rochelle, was an artist by trade, one of five in the town. She sculpted, painted, crafted, and had a partnered agreement with a dwarven merchant guild. Her father, Geralt, was one of the two blacksmith's for the town. Casilda flitted between either brushes and paints or swords and wagon wheels. She was knowledgeable about trade with the dwarves and the kinds of armor Wardens liked to wear. She also knew how to care for younger siblings, since they were each spaced a year or two apart, with the twins being six years younger than Casilda.

<p> After annoying her father with persistent questions and constantly being underfoot, he set her to work within the smith when she’d been thirteen. It was kept at a minimum – lugging water and making sure the fires and coals stayed hot. Casilda would smelt scrap metal after a while, and would sometimes sneak portions to craft what sought her fancy. When her father found out… Casilda can’t recall another time in her life she’d been in so much trouble.

<p> Even still, her family asked her to sing.

<p> Her skill with a long handled weapon began with just messing around. The two smithing apprentices would sometimes clash long poles with each other. Casilda had been determined to join in, though the boys had laughed at her. She cracked one across the head, hard enough to make him bleed. She’d gotten in trouble for that, too. They beat her all the time, because they were bigger, until her father’s smithing partner took pity on her and began to show her how the basics.

<p> The twins’ magic bloomed early, and Casilda was fifteen when she wished her two youngest siblings off to the Anderfel circle. For once, that family problem was not Casilda’s fault.

<p> Her father finally taught her how to fashion a blade. Casilda fashioned a rugged sheath and attached the blade to it. From there, she fitted to the end of the pole she used to carry water buckets. She scarred one of the trees, and a wooden support beam in the blacksmith. She got in trouble for both of those.

<p> Still, after dinner that night, her father asked her to sing.

<p> Though she turned nineteen, Casilda never heard the end of her father’s berating tone. As long as she sweated in the smithy, and slept beneath his roof, he told her, she abided his rules. Which Casilda did. For the most part. Despite her father’s gruffness and the constant shouting, she made a good team with her father. They forged weapons and molded armors and clanged out horseshoes. Casilda spent long hours sharpening blades and polishing armors.

<p> All her life, Casilda had watched her mother slave with different arts to provide a living. The profits her mother earned had seemed normal to Casilda. That is, until a group of dwarves from one of the merchant guilds had been talking in her presence while she sharpened and polished steal. Perhaps they didn’t notice the young woman was there. Perhaps they had just thought she wasn’t paying attention. When she heard the gross profits they made from artists in the Anderfels, some almost three times or four times what they split among the artists, a rage blazed through Casilda. If they were making that much money to take home, they could spare a little more to her people and citizens.

<p> She rallied her friends with passionate, angry words of how the merchant guild was cheating their fathers and mothers of their hard work. For some were desperate people. The nobles would turn blind eyes and the ravages of some sparse darkspawn attacks had completely uprooted some of their lives. Casilda headed the front of a small group of five, toting her spear.

<p> Her friends had thought they were going to merely scare the dwarves. Casilda slew the dwarves. All of them. Didn’t even leave one to send a message to other guilds. It surprised them how extreme she had taken the situation. Her reasoning made sense; to ensure good entered and remained in the world, evil had to be eliminated.

<p> Despite having good intentions, the attack reaped significant consequences. The artists had no way of profiting from the dwarves now, who were often the biggest undertakers of the Anderfel art trade. At least, not until the guilds sent a new caravan, which would take several months once they realized their initial team never returned. The money Casilda and her friends had snatched was labeled blood money. Some of the more proud or honorable families refused to take the money, including Casilda’s parents. Law enforcement increased for the small town. Casilda and her friends were branded murderers, two of which hung for the crime. Casilda was shunned by her family, her father thrusting the young lady from his house. She would run or she would hang. They would no longer ask her to sing.

<p> Heaping crime atop of crime, Casilda galloped away atop a neighbor’s horse. Broken-hearted and betrayed by those closest, she cried for nearly the whole first day. She began anew in a different town, taking advantage of a kind old woman’s offer to share her humble home. She started working in the blacksmith. Before long, she moved on again, this time of a sizeable city.

<p> Despite the life shaking consequences of her last criminal act, it wasn’t enough to shake Casilda’s overwhelming anger about smugglers and cheats. Making friends in the city who agreed, Casilda once more lead battle against immoral people. She followed the wisdom of a middle-aged guardsman, however, and took precautions and strategized attacks. Sometimes, after some raids, they asked her to sing of their triumphs.

<p> Soon, Casilda earned the name “Dwarf Slayer” among her peers, for the special rage she held for dwarven merchant guild. While they spread some of their wealth to artisans and others, they were open-handed to those who’d lost things to darkspawn. However, the guardsman who’d initially helped start the gang also betrayed them. Casilda managed to smuggle out with two of her fellow men; the clothes on their backs, horses at reign, and Casilda with a silver spear in hand and unmarked wooden shield on her back. She was twenty-two.

<p> The law caught up to Casilda, though, when she rode to the aid of some soldiers and noblemen’s messengers under darkspawn attack. They were coming from the city she’d escaped arrest from, and immediately took her into custody at the first vulnerable opportunity.

<p> She walked, chained, long miles before they came to some cruel jape of a village, with a pit, an inn and stables. The following morning, as they were tying her to a horse, darkspawn descended. Casilda screamed at her captors to let her fight the darkspawn; she would rather die fighting than be hung. It took one of the Wardens to hear her plea and cut her free. In the ensuing fight, Casilda faced an ogre with her spear in hand, hamstringing the monster when it tried to charge before thrusting her spear through its neck. Afterward, the soldiers enclosed on her for another capture, but not before the commanding Warden, who’d freed her, conscripted her.
<p> Like most things, Casilda faced Warden life with stubborn determination. She drank from the cup without batting a lash. She learned later only one didn’t make the Joining; the man had proven too opposed to the Joining, and the Wardens had to preserve the secret.

<p> Like most Wardens, Casilda was plagued with numerous nightmares, though she kept those to herself. When her fellows brought up the topic, she was the first to change it to something more lighthearted. She was very well liked around the dinner table and the smith, but she frustrated her opponents in weapon practice except staff wielding mages. A strong and quick woman, her reach with the spear kept sword wielders at bay and her swift footwork was almost as good as any rogue’s; they started calling her “The Silver Serpent”.

<p> In her years with the Wardens, Casilda’s ferocious tenacity has inspired many to heed rallying calls. Though she’s had many stern talking to’s about authority and leadership, she has often boldly stated she could do a better job leading men and women. More than a few of her fellow Wardens would agree, or at least say her ideas and plans were the reason to her success. As she made better acquaintances with Warden seniors, they began to agree as well.

<p> Promotions served Casilda well. She was happier, though many recruits wouldn’t know it. Stern and unyielding, she sometimes frightened recruits with her unflinching willingness to kill those who wanted to back out of the Joining. Some would admit they drank from the cup and left it to the Maker than let her kill them.

<p> Though the recruits complained, those who knew Casilda the longest thought the Wardens excelled under her scrutiny. She never stopped walking among the new Wardens, and never stopped training. Not when she was a Senior. Not when she was a Constable. And especially not when she finally became a Warden Commander when she was forty-one.

<p> Even as Warden Commander, Casilda did her best to “come down” to those under her command. She’s known to still participate in Joinings and to eat dinner with her stewards. Casilda will often wish those answering the Calling goodbye. However, she maintains that she is in command and those who oppose her disobey her are dished out severe punishments.

<p> With the Blight occurring in Ferelden, the Weisshaupt Wardens enjoyed a period of relaxation. While there were still darkspawn to fight, Casilda was able to turn a lot of her attention to the Wardens and their presence among the Anderfel people. Infuriated with the First Warden’s ever increasing apathy for the Anderfel people, Casilda has focused much of her attention to those needs. Though she understands the First Warden’s attention spans all of Thedas, she wonders if he’s begun neglecting his priorities in other countries as well.

<p> The hardest part of being Warden Commander? The Rite of Conscription. Casilda is known for conscripting many law breakers, which has sometimes succeeded and sometimes ended up in executions. She has many conscription stories, ones that strike the cords of sympathy. The one she currently remembers the most? Averia’s. The White Knight. Whose pleas to save her sister stirred the Commander long enough to consider it. With the latest Warden Constable she’d promoted being a mage, and Averia also a mage, Casilda knew she couldn’t conscript the sister too. With a stone jaw and straight back, she waited until she couldn’t hear Averia’s cries. Then grabbed the presiding judge by his collar and forced his assurance the sister’s death would be quick.

<p> Though sometimes her decisions and methods are questioned, Casilda, always means well. She works on behalf of both the Wardens in her charge and undeniably for the Anderfel people. She understands the burden of her position, and her duty to leadership has thus far served her well. Yet the woman’s joy has all but disappeared except for the sliver of a half smile.

<p> The rumor circulates: Have you ever heard the Commander sing? She sings no more, if she ever did at all.


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