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 Apollo Laetoria
Apollo Laetoria
 Posted: Nov 16 2014, 03:28 PM
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Apollo Helius Laetoria
▸ history

Physiology ░

While he is an athletic youth, Apollo has a slight frame. Although he could be described as strapping and musclar, ungeneriously one might rather call him lanky.
He is of a deceptive height. Though at 6'0" (1.82m) Olly is taller than average, his naturally statuesque and regal posture can easily give the impression of one far taller.
At 12 stone (76kg), Apollo is heavier than one might otherwise expect, given his slight frame.
He has the white-blonde hair commonly found in the House of Laetoria. While at times he has been forced to have his hair shaved, or chosen to let it grow toward his shoulders, Apollo always favours keeping his hair at it's current medium length.
A fair complexion. To his eternal fustration, pale skinned Apollo is unable to obtain the tan he envies in the 'beautiful Antivans'. Any and all attempts achieve only severe sunburn.
Apollo's wardrobe favour's a minimalist approach. Simple, light and black. That is not to say that his outfits are not of the ornate expected of his status. Olly does have a keen eye on the latest Tevinter fashions.

He would sooner wear a fitted trousered garment, to loose robes. begrudgedly dressing in the latter only when the event necessitate. Upon his torso, he wears similarly light and fitted garments; often favouring those that show skin, to garments that do not cover his upper body at all, but hang from whichever opulent belt he is wearing; much to his mother's exasperation

Genealogy ░

The House of Laetoria. An Altus family originally of Orlesian decent, established over half a mellenia ago in the Black Age. Originally House La Torré, they were Orlesian comtés, who first gained notoriety during the Orlesian-Tevinter Chantry schism when they they betrayed Orlesian secrets to the Imperium, paving for their entry Tevinter's upper echolons. The Laetoria have long been pious Andrastians, and have in the centuries since their defection become highly influential within the Imperial Chantry.

Although, in a hangover from their Orlesian/Laetan past, they are occationally viewed as upstarts, and interlopers, they have attained a powerful status amoung the Tevinter aristocracy as a family that rivals many of the oldest and most prestigious Imperial families. Vyrantium

Lady Phyllis Laetoria nee Trace, 60; the imperius matriarch of the House of Laetoria, and the mother of Apollo and Phineas. She assumed authority over the Laetoria on behalf of her disabled nephew, after the freak accident that killed his parents and paralised him.
Lord Thesus Laetoria †, deceased; the son and younger brother of the previous two Laetoria Magisters. Thesus is the late father of Apollo and Phineas. He was a cold stern man who loathed his elder son, and apathetic toward his younger son.
Phineas Laetoria, brother, 15; blonde and handsome, the image of his elder brother. Also like Apollo, he is inquisitive and precocious, though taciturn and less confident. Phineas is very attached to Apollo, who is in turn incredbly protective of his younger brother.
Other family
Magister Eos Laetoria, cousin, 20; the nominal head of the House of Laetoria. Once, gallent Eos was destined for a great marriage with another of Tevinter's great families. Since the accident that killed his immediate family, he is paralyzed from the waist down, and confined to a wheel-chair.

Biography ░

"Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire."

He was always told that his life was easy. That of a Laetoria was one of luxury, wealth and ease, an effort to keep he and his brother grounded. Apollo always thought that so strange; for a family so obsessed with climbing the ladder from whichnot a man nor women would contemplate looking down, that what lay at the ground was of as greater import as what lay at the top.

"ignore the dregs, and the ladder will be kicked from under you"

The first imperative she called it. Bath the unclean, feed the starving and heal the sick. This was the duty of the faithful, and it would pay off if the masses held you in high regard.

That this was the work of charity and generocity was second to the ladder, always. For Apollo this has been his life since he left the womb, as an infant, through childhood, to adulthood. Ceaseless posturing, schemes, lies and rumour. Who would have thought murder the job of a child? Apollo was a boy of seven when he took his first life. The daughter of a rival Magister, it was easy to forget. By his mother's direction he had delivered the poison, and absolved his family of any suspicion.

Direction... for a child it is hardly suprising that such a word implies the use of strings and levers. But these do not deminish with age; even now, at twentythree, Apollo dreams of escaping the strings of his mother's guiding hand. A pointless dream, of course. Only death will relive Apollo of those strings. Hers or his. "One can be a porn and a player" his mother was quick to infer, whenever Apollo contemplates questioning his role.

But, it seems we are for now getting ahead of ourselves.

Apollo Helius Laetoria, or 'Olly' to those close, was born in his family villa in the central Tevinter city Vryantiam, a longtime political stronghold of the Laetoria family. The eldest son of a second son, Apollo was never to destined for inherritence, never to be destined for titles and power. Only to serve upon the destiny of the House of Laetoria and it's eventual head; his cousin Lord Eos, three years his junior.

A quiet boy, Apollo was said to be subduied and agreeable. A child who would always stand and bow to his elders and betters, a child who never forgets his pleases and thankyous, a child that would never refuse what was asked of him. In this he was entirely devoted to the design of his forbarers. These were to his mother the marks of an ideal son. Apollo would walk the path she laid before him, adhire to her interpritation of the design, and he would become the perfect son, the flawless Laetoria, the ideal Tevinter. To his father, however, these were only the signs of intransegent weakness. Evidence that Apoll would be quickly cowed, and easily manipulated. A weakminded fool bound to the whim of his peers.

Such an attitude from Lord Thesus more than suited Lady Phyllis. The apahty of her husband toward their son meant his interference in her interpirtation would be minimal. Thesus would walk his own path, and Apollo would never follow. She would advance her son's scholarship as she desired, tailor the outcome, and for good or ill she would be stranded with the result.

Until the turning into his seventh year, Apollo's raising was nothing extrodenery, well not for a Tevinter noble atleast. He studied anciant Tevene, lore of the Old Gods, the fall of Arlathan, the Chant of Light, rise of the cult of the Maker, as well as incredably broad coverage of all things archaine. Theory, at such an age. But no exepense was spared in efforts to detect any signs of magical proficiancy, for discovery at the earliest given opportunity was thought vital for advancement. Subtle hints in his sixth year were proof that thirteenth generation of the Tevinter Laetoria had the gift, and a sign that Apollo was ready. It was decided - therin at the tender age of seven, that young Olly would take a life. He would be as the dagger wielded by his Lady Mother.

This Trial of Dumat, a trial of silence and death, was not to be of ease - even at such a young age. The victim was to be the heiress to a powerful Magister. Since her death this lady has been known as the Rabid Archala, few now would speak her true name. The motive was pure, yet arguably trivial. She was a heretic, guilty of denying the Maker. Nothing rare in the Imperium, true, but the Archala had pull in the Chantry - and for her to become Magister could not be alloud. Seven year old Olly smuggled and administered the poison, and the Rabid Archala died... publically and scornfully.

Lady Phyllis was not implicated. She was not even considered a suspect. For was not this, if anything, the true test end the finest result?

The course remained in place. Apollo had sucseeded in this, his first test, and many more would follow. As he grew oleder, the bookish, quiet, and agreeable child became an argumentative teenager. Throughout pupity Olly would argue with almost aything put to him, he would rather make a point of it. Questioning everybody, and everything - from fields of study, to anything as rediculous as bedtimes. Usually for the sake of the argument, and nothing else. Lady Phyllis, ever the pragmasist, chose to see this as a healthy cynacism. Suprise suprise, his father saw this was a greater weakness. For what was being arugmentative if it lacked rebeliousness? He observed that his Olly was just as agreeable as he had been a child - alibet questioning something before doing it regardless of reasoning.

It wasn't as if Apollo's belligerence cut any ice with his mother, Lady Phyllis always got her way. Without exception. She would gist that if not for his guile and natural inquisitiveness she might have given up on Olly. Double her efforts on his six year old brother Phineas. By the age of fiveteen it was clear that the bluff had little currency, and Apollo and Phineas were to take different paths to different destination. While Phineas's destiny was to be dynastic, Apollo was to be given to the Chantry, he would be a priest of the Maker. Not what he desired or expected.

Not then. Despite his piety, he did not aspire to this life - never so young, not at all. He was a libidinous teenager, Apollo had discovered girls - or rather discovered he did not like girls. Another notch in his father's disapointment. His infactiouation with beautiful and aluring boys of the imperial court were not the secrets he desired, neither was the sexual exploration with a certain high born boy from a rival family. Pitty it did not matter. It did nothing deter Lady Phyllis from her son's intended course.

And so at the age of sixteen, Apollo was ornaned as a brother in the holy Chantry of Andraste Cathedral of Vryantiam. Quickly the devout Apollo made a sensere effort to equal the dedication of his fellow brothers and sisters, charm his fellows, many of whom were envious what they saw as his privaliged position. However, despite a dedicated service as a brother of six years, Apollo's reputation amoungst his peers rarely improved. Not least because of the lingering presence of his family's plotting. His mother always insistent that he attend court, his tutorage in the ways of the game were not to be wasted.

It was then, in his sixth year as a Brother of the Chantry, at the age of twenty-two when the schemes and plots that set Apollo on his culminated in a single outcome. A week when the Laetoria met zenith and catastrophe simultaneously.

The House of Laetoria had been holidaying in Montfort in northern Orlais, dwelling in an estate they had maintained in secret for the best part of two centuries. It was a feat of arrogance that few had ever bothered to deny; the family reviled as traitors throughout Orlais, relaxing decadently in their midst--jeering and mocking their former countrymen. Foolish... arrogant, a host of words could describe the event, but year upon year for generations they had gone unnoticed. Until the year 9:30 of the Dragon Age, that is. The year Apollo was called away to Minrathros, summoned for an audience with the Divine. While his father refused to consider returning with his despised son, and refused to contemplate agreeing that the family return, both Lady Phylis and Apollo's younger brother joined him.

To Apollo's horror, he was elevated to Grand Cleric of Vyrantium. Maker have mercy. He was to be the youngest Grand Cleric in Tevinter, the youngest of the rank time in Ages. The further horror that crept, pounced upon Apollo many days later. The messenger from the Divine had inadvertently led spies of the Duc de Montfort to the Laetoria's own front door. The Duc, it seemed, had wasted no time to rile the local populace against the reviled family. A mob, baying for Laetoria blood, stormed the estate - slaughtering many members of the family, including the Magister and his wife. Whether it be fortune, or tribulation, the young heir Lord Eos was knocked from a third story window by a thug with pity. A smith's wife, so it's said. Unable to walk, the new Magister had survived and was smuggled back to Tevinter by a loyal retainer, where he was raised to his father's position.

It was thought - or hoped, maybe, that this could destroy the House of Laetoria. But despite the catastrophe, the Laetoria family clung tightly to it's position. The transition of leadership was seamless as Lady Phylis stepped into the vacuum, suggesting her influence had always been greater than anyone - including the former Magister - had thought. For Apollo though? Few had cared to notice that he was not relishing his new position. Few - other than his brother - had cared to ask. And it was not as if Olly could be brutally honest with a young brother who idolised him so.

Discovering something made Apollo's decision far easier. In the end it seemed as if actions had spoken louder than protestations ever could. Apollo vanished, or bolted so it was to be assumed. Leaving only a note that did not say why.

▸ apollo. 21. gmt+2
Apollo Laetoria
 Posted: Dec 14 2014, 06:09 PM
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Aaaaaand done! Hope everythings good here!! =D

A month in the making O_O so soz, did not realise i had taken so long!!!
 Posted: Dec 17 2014, 05:10 PM
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Absolutely wonderful app layout! Another great character! Welcome to DA: Absolution! Please make sure to fill out all of the necessary CLAIMS, create a PLOTTER, and get out and have fun!
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