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10.5 - Absolution is open, active and welcomes you! What has changed in the past few months? A civil war has started in Ferelden! Seekers have arrived in Kirkwall, and tensions are higher than ever. And pirates? Come, join the fun!

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 Dragon Age Absolution Timeline
 Posted: Nov 10 2013, 01:00 PM
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8:99 Blessed - Divine Faustine II who was ready to declare the Sun Age, names the next age as Dragon Age after the recent destructive reappearance of Dragons. It is predicted to be an age of violence and upheaval.

9:2 Dragon - King Marric succeeds in driving out the occupying Orlesian force. He kills the usurper King Meghren in a duel at Fort Drakon,

9:4 Dragon - Celene, the future Empress of Orlais is born

9.5 Dragon - Cailan, crown prince of Ferelden is born to King Maric and Queen Rowan

9:8 Dragon - Elissa Cousland, future Queen of Ferelden is born

9:8 Dragon - Queen Rowan of Ferelden dies

9:10 Dragon - King Maric allows the Grey Wardens to return to Ferelden, after two ages of exile for their failed coup attempt

9:10 Dragon - Alistair, the future King of Ferelden is born

9:10 Dragon - Underneath Ferelden, the intelligent darkspawn known as the Architect attempts to unearth and kill the remaining Old Gods and taint the entire surface world. His efforts are thwarted by King Maric and a band of Grey Wardens

9:12 Dragon - Kal-Sharok is rediscovered in the Hunterhorn Mountains. The Dwarves there are resentful of Orzammar's historic abandonment after the First Blight, they refuse to bow to the dwarven king's authority

9:13 Dragon - Bownammar, the fortress of the Legion of the Dead, falls to the darkspawn

9:14 Dragon - Perrin Threnhold is appointed viscount of Kirkwall

9:20 Dragon - Ferelden and Orlais officially make peace after the ascension of Empress Celene to the Orlesian throne.

9:25 Dragon - King Maric of Ferelden dies at sea, and his son, Cailan, inherits the throne of Ferelden. Approximately one month later, Cailan marries Anora, daughter of Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir.

9:28 Dragon - The dwarven Paragon Branka takes her entire House, save Oghren, into the Deep Roads in the hopes of finding the Anvil of the Void. Leliana seeks refuge in the Lothering Chantry.

9:30 Dragon - The Fifth Blight begins in the Korcari Wilds around Ferelden with The Architect attempting to make a Disciple of Urthemiel.

    • Orzammar’s King Aeducan loses his two oldest children to a series of unfortunate events and fall ill.

    • The Cousland family of Ferelden is massacred. Only Elissa Cousland, the future Hero of Ferelden, escapes.

    • Elissa Cousland, Alistair Theirin, Marian Hawke, Carver Hawke, and Aveline Vallen fight in the Battle of Ostagar against the Darkspawn; the battle is lost when Teyrn Loghain deserts, resulting in the destruction of the Fereldan army, the near-destruction and exile of the Grey Warden order, and the death of King Cailan Theirin and Warden-Commander Duncan. Elissa and Alistair are saved by Flemeth.

    • Lothering is destroyed by the Darkspawn and the Hawke family flees into the Blightlands. Around the Korcari Wilds, Marian Hawke, the rest of her family, and Aveline Vallen are saved by Flemeth and flee Ferelden to Kirkwall in the Free Marches.

    • Elissa and her companions align the armies of Ferelden by curing a Dalish Clan of their werewolf curse, naming Prince Bhelen Aeducan as rightful heir to Orzammar and assisting Paragon Branka with her golem research, and curing Arl Eamon with the Ashes of Andraste.

    • Soldier’s Peak is reclaimed by the Wardens of Ferelden.

    • Loghain Mac Tir is overthrown and spared by Warden Elissa, to be recruited by the Grey Wardens. Alistair Theirin and Elissa Cousland are named King and Queen of Ferelden in his place, while Loghain and his daughter Anora are exiled.

9:31 Dragon - Urthemiel is slain by one of the two remaining Grey Wardens in Ferelden at the Battle of Denerim

    • The Architect awakens The Mother, who goes insane sending out The Children armies to conquer Ferelden. Queen Elissa Cousland is named Warden-Commander of Ferelden and is put in charge of Amaranthine and Vigil’s Keep.

    • The lives of Anders and Nathaniel Howe are spared by Elissa Cousland.

    • The Mother is slain by the Commander of the Grey in Ferelden. The dwarves of Orzammar are able to reclaim the city of Kal'Hirol. Amgarrak Thaig is overrun by Harvesters.

    • Seekers of Truth are dispatched to Kirkwall by Divine Beatrix III, to deal with reports of resurgent activities by rebel Magi

    • The Landsmeet vote to approve Cousland Succession, that declares Queen Elissa Cousland sole successor to King Alistair I, and Teyrn Fergus Cousland, his heirs and successors, as heirs apparent to Queen Elissa.

    • The Third Legion of the Tevinter Imperium deliver a decisive blow against the Qunari, and sack Sheron City, ending the Tevinter-Qunari wars.

    • Reports of exiled Queen Dowager Anora returning to Ferelden circulate, as Anora is smuggled into Ferelden where a number of southern Banns, Arls and tribesmen declare allegiance to her cause.

    • The Mage Underground launch an ill fated assault at the Kirkwall Chantry, resulting in a brutal suppression by the Seeker Grand Duchess Charlotte de Valois.

    • Queen Dowager Anora assembled a force of around 10,000 at Ostagar, as she prepares and plans to retake her ancestral home of Gwaren.

    • Queen Elissa marches south with an army 30,000 strong to crush Anora's rebellion at Ostagar before it can spread further north.

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