Dragon Age: Absolution is an alternate universe RPG based on BioWare's video game and novel series. DA: Absolution is rated 18+ for mature content, and played in a highly literate third-person perspective. All DA concepts and pictures belong to Bioware and their respective artists.

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10.5 - Absolution is open, active and welcomes you! What has changed in the past few months? A civil war has started in Ferelden! Seekers have arrived in Kirkwall, and tensions are higher than ever. And pirates? Come, join the fun!

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 Important Positions
 Posted: Nov 11 2013, 09:31 AM
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Important Positions
Many exciting positions of power are available for play here at Absolution outside of established canon! The below lists outline those positions. Restricted permissions require admin approval, PM the staff if you're interested in playing one.

Available for play:

Ferelden - Knights, Lords and Ladies, Banns, Arls and Arlessas

Orlais - Chevaliers, Lords and Ladies, Barons and Baroness, Compte and Comtess, Marquis and Marquise

Nevarra - Knights, Lords and Ladies, Barons and Baronesses, Count and Countess, Margrave and Margravine

Tevinter - Lords and Ladies, Magisters

Imperial Chantry - Brothers and Sisters, Fathers and Mothers

Antiva - Merchant Princes, Crows

Free Marches - Lords and Ladies

Orzammar - Lords and Ladies, Deshyrs

The Chantry - Brothers and Sisters, Mothers

Circle of Magi - Apprentices, Enchanters, Senior Enchanters

Templar Order - Knight Lieutenant, Knight Captain, Knight Commander

Seekers of Truth - Restricted, see bellow

Grey Wardens - Wardens, Senior Wardens


Ferelden - Teyrns and Teyrnas

Orlais - Dukes and Duchesses, Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses

Nevarra - Dukes and Duchesses, Archduchess and Archduchess

Free Marches - Champions

The Chantry - Grand Clerics

Circle of Magi - First Enchanters

Templar Order - Knight-Vigilants

Seekers of Truth - Seekers, High Seekers

Not to mention, royalty of any kind.

Grey Wardens- Warden-Constables, Warden Commanders

If you've got any queries, questions and suggestions, feel free to reply or PM a staff member!

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