Dragon Age: Absolution is an alternate universe RPG based on BioWare's video game and novel series. DA: Absolution is rated 18+ for mature content, and played in a highly literate third-person perspective. All DA concepts and pictures belong to Bioware and their respective artists.

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10.5 - Absolution is open, active and welcomes you! What has changed in the past few months? A civil war has started in Ferelden! Seekers have arrived in Kirkwall, and tensions are higher than ever. And pirates? Come, join the fun!

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❝There has yet to be a thing that I have wanted that gold cannot buy. Drink. Food. New armour. New blades. Boys. Girls. Gold is what makes the world turn, princess, whether you want to admit it or not."
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 Posted: Nov 17 2013, 11:01 AM
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Good or Bad?
Sometimes in the world of Dragon Age, 'good' and 'bad' aren't as easily defined. So! With that in mind, we've introduced alignments for your character to align to! Don't worry, their alignment can change over time--we encourage it--but this is just to give others a better perspective on your character and where they stand:

Good - Generally this means a person who acts on the behalf of others, or the 'greater good.' But really, this can be any honest individual who doesn't go around giving others a hard time.

Evil - Yer mean. And it shows. This can include anyone from those who want to take over the world to bullies who like to push people over for fun.

But like I said, its never that easy right? Here's the fun part! You can also define your alignment by way of the 'Neutral', 'Lawful' or 'Chaotic' tag:

Neutral - Oh apathy, how we love thee! You're out for You, ain't no one gonna stop that. Maybe every now and then you get bored and swing one way or the other, but you always fall back to the gray area.

Lawful - You adhere to the authority. A Lawful man is honourable, trustworthy and obedient to a code or practice. Seeking to preserve order, whether it be tyranny or freedom.

Chaotic - Some men just want to watch the world burn. There's no goal here, just chaos. Pure, beautiful chaos.

Now, to make this even more complicated and fun, your character can be either solely Neutral or Chaotic, but this only applies to Freelancers, Civilians, Apostates, or anyone who isn't tied down to a specific organization.

Lawful Good

Honorable and Humane

Neutral Good

Practical and Humane

Chaotic Good

Independent and Humane

Lawful Neutral

Honorable and Realistic

True Neutral

Practical and Realistic

Chaotic Neutral

Independent and Realistic

Lawful Evil

Honorable and Determined

Neutral Evil

Practical and Determined

Chaotic Evil

Independent and Determined


Chaotic-Evil: Ser Thrask
Lawful-Evil: Meradith Stanard
Lawful-Neutral: Queen Anora
Neutral-Good: Isabela
Chaotic-Good-: Anders
Lawful-Good: Grand Cleric Elthina

Visit here for further info. As always; any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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