Dragon Age: Absolution is an alternate universe RPG based on BioWare's video game and novel series. DA: Absolution is rated 18+ for mature content, and played in a highly literate third-person perspective. All DA concepts and pictures belong to Bioware and their respective artists.

Please register with proper capitalization and your character's full name.

10.5 - Absolution is open, active and welcomes you! What has changed in the past few months? A civil war has started in Ferelden! Seekers have arrived in Kirkwall, and tensions are higher than ever. And pirates? Come, join the fun!

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 Posted: Nov 7 2013, 09:08 AM
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da rules
one. DA:A is a liquid timeline board. Your character can be in more than one thread in one area at one time, with the exception of past/future threads, but please date your threads and be aware of timelines going on around you!

two. You can register with an OOC/Player account for your main account, and create sub-accounts for each additional character. Please register character accounts as such: 'First M. Last.' If your char has just a nickname or no last name, register as just their first name. Please ask an admin or friendly member how to use the sub-accounts if you're unfamiliar!

three. You are not the Maker. I am not the Maker. So no one in this game should act like they are a god, nor have the powers of one. Demons and spirits are powerful, but can be killed. Your char WILL get hit and bleed during battle, you WILL have to dodge incoming attacks, and your attacks WILL NOT always hit. If you're ever unsure of anything in battle or IC, contact your fellow members.

four. This game is played strictly in third person, past tense perspective! If you need an example, this is what we like to see: "Turning abruptly at the sound of breaking twigs, Zevran unsheathed his twin daggers in one smooth motion, glaring under his brow at the man before him."

five. This game also requires good grammar and spelling. With all the help out there today, again there should be no excuses for writeing lik dis or Capitalizing things that Shouldnt be. Also, proper punctuation is your friend, and when in doubt, use Word before you post!

six. DA: A is rated 18+, and will potentially reflect all the same adult themes in the video/PC games. If some things get very explicit then put a warning [M] in your thread topic and ask it to be moved to the password protected forum.

seven. Take all you want, but play all you take. If you can handle more than one character, great, but make sure they all stay active. Inactive players will have up to two weeks to respond, and then will be warned of their behavior.

eight. Players are allowed to have one(1) canon from each DA era, i.e. you can play Alistair Theirin from DA:O but not Zevran Aranai. Canons are important to the board and to the story, and need to stay active, so if you are interested in playing one, please make sure you intend to actually play them. If you'd like to test run a canon to see if you'd be a good fit, please let an admin know! We'd much rather you do that then take one and drop them a month later.

nine. Respect for staff and other players is expected and disrespect will not be tolerated. Keep the drama and rants IC! Unless they're spirited debates in the cbox.

ten. Please keep a balance in your characters! If you play a female human, try and make your next character an elven male, or even a dwarven female if you think you can't play certain sexes well. The same goes for classes, try switching them around. You'd be surprised at how fun it is when you step outside of your boundaries. If the admins and mods notice you play female rogues and submit another female rogue, more than likely, they won't be accepted.

eleven. Feel free to use whatever kind of image/play-by/actor/model you want, but try and stay away from anything that's overly anime, cartoony, or scene. So no hair colors that aren't found in DA, no punk princesses, nothing of the like, k? Avatar graphics are 250x300 and should be no bigger or they'll look weird. xD Please keep signatures under 500px as well.

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